82. Dear Readers

Dear readers, (for those who are first time visitors or did not read all the articles yet)
a small introduction into the science of “Truth”.

It was said that there will be a time when there will be no more true believers. Many will say
this time is not yet there because I believe and I know them and them and I know they do believe.

But what is a true believer? The Oxford English dictionary: accept that something or someone is telling the truth.
On faith is states: complete trust or confidence. And then they go as far as to mention that they are basically the same, faith and believe.

Many words have become a mere shadow of their true meaning.
There are as many believers as there are people and there as many believes as there are people.

Dear readers. What does it mean if you struggle to define your believe?
Doubt perhaps? Doubt about your idea about it all?
How could one recognize the truth if he does not yet know it?
Was it not said you can only get so high.. the rest must be given to you?

There are many who seek confirmations of their ideas of the truth, and if someone would say
I know the truth you would say yes, that is how you see it but I see it this way or you might even agree with him but disagree with another, so how then do you recognize the truth, it feels right?
But many have a strong believe and say it feels right. But to this Jesus answered, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I can tell you many think they can (see and hear).but the very fact that they think tells you they do not know.

So he speaks about ears and eyes other than the physical ones. Are there those who can? Or have such eyes and ears?
Or do you have to develop such eyes and ears? and how then? And how do you know that you have developed them? Some might say that you then are able to see this or that, like aura’s etc. or anything else, or that you are developing when you start to become aware of such things, but are those not all ideas seen from physical eyes?

There are many who teach or follow  old teachings, Buddhist or other, again food for those many believers but in truth there is only one way, but many paths. Through Christ, this is; I am the Alpha & Omega, man does see vessel and filling as one, Jesus and the ‘Christ’. Many are the filling, the outcome of their believes, fears and longings, the filling of their hearts, so how do we clear this heart? Clear this house so the true master comes in? Like any good house keeper does when he invites a king. We would have to know each room and all the old furniture and every corner, we would need to open the window and clear up the dust(let the raven out) and send out the servant with the invitation full of love(the dove).

Many who did study and use language might make some of the ideas they have sound academic and logic based on the concepts they have gathered. Some might use previous statements from people such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and mix them with their own ideas and so use truth to carry untruths, but how many of them speak from this truth?

There are many who call themselves Gnostics or Christians, Buddhist to name just a couple, or go further than that and say they are born again Christians. But wasn’t this being born again something more ?

What is thinking and what is being? Thinking is based on concepts gathered through study and experience, through physical experience.
Being in it, not of it means standing in truth looking through truth. It does not require thinking, it knows. A little like having driven a part while you suddenly realize you have done it like an automatic pilot, as if you switched it on without consciously being aware of having done that. So there was something that kept part of you aware and safe while you were not conscious. Or like sleep, it happens to you while you really do not have control, if something scary happens you are a  victim, while when you are conscious in your dream you would have control, you could then stop running and turn around and be willing to overcome, to control the situation or even fly, will yourself somewhere else.

If I say that life is very similar of this dream life,  you might even say yes I understand this, but in truth you cannot!
Because I can only use concepts/situations that you know to explain something that you do not know, much like the stories in the bible, there is the outer story which uses concepts you can relate to/know  to explain what you do not know.
Let’s take the 3 wise man, were they looking for a star in the sky? They now try to fix the date of Jesus by looking at which star it must have been in the night sky but they can’t find it so some say it must have been this or that star. But following a star that moves and shines above the stable? Some suggest it might have been a comet, but could it be as a comet moves and continues to move. But wait, were they not wise men? Men who had eyes to see and ears to hear? There was a star of David(a 6 pointed star, a symbol) through which they could pinpoint/calculate according the cycles where his birthplace would be. Or look at the story of the ark of Noah, they are now looking on mountain tops to point out the remains of the ark. But if you look at the math it points to cycles, yes but the animals two of each? Yes the zodiac signs are paired male and female, then the raven and dove, very logic if seen in the light of good and evil, 40 days and 40 nights, cycles that add up to 8 or 80 while the ark adds up to 45 (45×8=360) while two of those cycles make up the vesica piscis (overlapping each other) creating the shape of an 8 with a circumference of 576 degrees (40 and 40 is 80). This 576 and the 4 and 4 or 44 576/44=13,0909090909,  they did say you only needed to go half way, half way of what? 26 generations! Twice 13.  But what about this 1309 then? Twice is golden ratio 2618.

If you look at our galaxy you will recognize this spiral and if you see its diameter and take it half way you end up in the centre, the heart, a black hole where all is like one again, a singularity.
But let’s get back, we did say 6 pointed star so what about the other one, the 5 pointed star? Two circles of 360 make up the vesica piscis (the sign of the fish). In this very structure it is the only one that joins them together perfectly into a shape that makes the star of David have a tail. Is that not the description of the star of Bethlehem then?

Then this shape with its circumference of 576 must have so much more in it, divide it in that 4 and you get 144. And while 6 points with 5 points make 11 points in the right configuration they don’t make 11 but 7.
And this 7 is well known as the seven rays of light that make up the rainbow.

Then there is this circle with the 5 pointed star, it has 15 cycles of 24 (360/15) of 24 hours/days etc.
And the top point of the five star raises above the circle like the” benben stone” in the other world(the 6 pointed star).

We spoke of 3 wise men, each having wisdom of a level of cycle, one cycle of 36 another of 360 and one of 3600.
Each part of the 6 36/6 360/6 3600/6 is 666 and if you reach it 15 times you get 999, turn it round so to speak.
While 45 times(the ark) gives you 299,7….(km) is speed of light. 45×666.
Turn the ark round 45 is 54… 54 x 666 is 359,64 a 36th part above(angle of the point of the 5 star is 36 degrees)

So let’s look at the 5 star 36/5 360/5 and 3600/5 7,2 72 and 720 added up gives 7992 the mirror of 2997.
As above so below but in mirror image(the mirror of light, see the article “ Plato’s cave”).

You might not yet be able to recognize in this that you are the ark and by the influences of male and female signs of the zodiac you struggle to reach the top.
Belief is indeed a precursor to faith from the unsure state in which one “thinks”.
“Faith” is the joined being of love and wisdom.

In the fire of wisdom burns the flame of love.

So this star of Bethlehem with its circumference of 576 made up from the 5 and 6 pointed star brought in balance with the 7.
5+7+6=18 has its mirror too, one is known as the tree of good and the other as the tree of evil 2 x 576=1152.
And then there is the tree of life 3 times 576 =1728(all was made in those days to reflect this)(just look at weight of for instance coins). But if this is the tree then known Kabbalistic there are 32 paths 576/32=18.

While 576 has the shape of this 8 and 3 of these could also be written as 888 what then is this 1?
18 and its mirror 81 together make 99 the value of Amen.
Knowing the tree(s) of good and evil gives you insight into the cycles as these two 8’s is twice 4 and 4.
Or as you have seen 1309 times two(the 8 ) and there are two of these means 4 times 1309
which gives you 4 x 1309 =5236 or 52 weeks of 7 in the cycle of 36(0)
and this 52,36 is known as the cubit, the cubit G-D told Noah to use for the construction of the ark.

Now multiply this cubit by itself 5x=2,618 golden ratio 6x=3,1416 PI and 8x=41888 volume of a globe or in other words a globe contains everything within the 4 the 1 and 888.
The root of the 7 lights and the 5 or 75.
Now let’s see if they fit in the ark of covenant of which the size was openly given in the bible.
1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5=5,625 or 56,25(another story that explains the movement of the decimal point).
56,25 the 5 and 6 are the 5 and 6 pointed star and the 2 and 5, that make 7. The root of 56,25 is 75
this 18/5,625=32. But let’s get back to the ark of Noah for a moment 300x50x30=45(000)
45 x 52,36 the cubit is 235,62 divided by 56,25 is 4,1888 that what contains all !

And 18 was the 1 and 8 but there is the mirror of it the 8 and 1 81.
By what do you divide this then according the structure?
There is another hidden key, in the total bible itself.
Just one thing, the root of it all times the cycle 52,36 so 75 times 52,36 is 3927.
There are 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament.

The other hidden key comes from the total bible itself.
There are 304803 letters in the Torah(the old testament).
Now divide this 3/8/4/3=00,3125,  now let’s see 81 divided by 31,25 is 2592(0)
a great year. 12 times 2160 years are 25920 years (39 and 27 books are 66 in total).

45 times 666 was 299,7 light and its counterpart or mirror image was 799,2
adds up to 10989 but there were two of these 8’s so it is twice 10989
2 x 10989=21978.  As you will recall the cabbala speaks of 32 paths
but there is one more, it is known as Daath, the point of rebirth or 33
and from there to 22,  the 22 letters of the Hebrew language of old.

But see if that is correct: 21978 divided by 33 is 666 alpha and 21978 divided by
22 is 999 omega. He who has eyes to see and ears to hear.



Moshiya van den Broek