80. The final days

Although much will escape your understanding as long as you are not able to penetrate the depths of the wisdom, your understanding is in accordance with your maturity and will reveal its greater depth as you mature.
Just consider the way you have been looking at the biblical stories before you were given some of the hidden knowledge.
You need to have an all driven desire for the truth because it will ask of you to empty your heart of all personal ideas of it. As the truth in its full light can never be understood intellectually, the deeper your knowledge of the truth the greater will be your light, it is this light that knows and comes from g-d.
It is man’s nature to direct his attention to whatever interests him and forgets which benefits his soul, this is the influence of the opponent whose goal it is to keep the soul away from every ray of light and cause the souls shell to harden for which the body is all too willing, so you must give careful thought to your enjoyments and physical pleasures if you are serious about reaching your goal of spiritual maturity.
In previous times you could still find a cave and move away from attraction to reach inside, and many of you think it is needed to follow the old ways like Buddha did but this is trickery of the adversary as well to give excuses.
As time has drawn close, the busy life with all unexpected happenings are all meant to push aside physical desires and open people up to spiritual influence without using force.
I will not resort to the use of mysterious appearances to achieve repentance in people, such occurrences are not used for spiritual development but rather to increase the desire to explore, giving food for the intellect rather than the soul. Such will drive to intellectual activity and bring insolvable problems/questions that cannot be solved by intellect.
Anyone who allows himself to be misled by such phenomena using earthly and material things that will be presented will be lost, in the end time you will have to deal with many strange phenomena and you can attribute these things to g-d or his adversary who will do so to win over his victims. Just remember the world is his domain and he will demonstrate this through worldly things, he will also make you believe that you do not need to fear the end in order to keep men from consciously working on their souls.
G-d will work through the hearts while the opponent will influence the mind and intellect of people to strengthen their desire to postpone the end.
There are secrets which man’s intellect cannot grasp/penetrate and he who can make calculations and so make the powers of nature submissive without guidance of g-d would cause great danger to his fellow man.
Therefore it was restricted, and only revealed when the heart is purified.
G-d speaks to you in spirit while the dark forces speak to your senses, so remember that the highest is not a feat of the intellect but of the heart.
People wish to know in order to recognize it comes from g-d, but even with thorough explanation,  if your heart is not open and your will not already strengthened, you will always fail to recognize.
Think of this also, in this time there is much to do about extra-terrestrial life, and visits of alien life, ufo’s who will rescue mankind etc. The universe is full of life, the universe is life but they are separated from each other and will never in material sense be able to visit earth. The most will be spiritual contact without ever knowing their true development, and they too are under the laws of the one g-d. All this is again to keep you from consciously working on your soul. And yes all these conspiracies while they are there are keeping you from your one task. Realize that the adversary has occupied your house while you have been so busy on the outside that he knows you better than you know yourself. NO…? Think again.
Each individual soul is precious and everything should be done to save it, always consider that it could be the last one, do not grow weary in your work in the vineyard, know that each one is near to you and near to g-d.
You have either little time to save your soul or the great responsibility to save those of others but not a single moment should be lost.



Moshiya van den Broek