78. Concept of time

The concept of time is for most a difficult one to understand. Unlike material things which you can measure or alter its length, time while you can measure it in hours, minutes and seconds you cannot alter.

Yes I know according to science we can, if we travel closer to the speed of light it slows down while here it remains passing at the same rate which would mean that when you return years would have passed while for you it would have hardly moved, your children would eventually be older than you.

But the question is, could we go back in time? People will say well we never had a visitor from the future. On the one hand we can move forward by speeding up while time moves at a same rate here, it seems as if time is stretched in one direction.

But is it? Physically you might experience these limits but mentally you can go back, you might remember it is said to live in the now, NOW.

You might also have read that each moment is written on a screen known to some of you as “Akasha”. If you did read the articles on how to implant your new gained insights into those old memories so they do not look into the present with the blindness they were, then you come to realize that you can change that past, you can alter the way the past influences the present. Doesn’t that look as if you have then become the guardian angel who from the future guided? So what if you have gained enlightenment? Would you then not see the all in that single moment? And would not all past and future become eternal present? Would this not mean that time is a stretched singularity? Would it then not have become circular? Alpha omega? Enclosing all, timeless everlasting.

Do you not recognize a pattern of returning cycles? Not just in planetary cycles but in history of mankind as well.

So how do we get of this circular motion onto the straight line, free of time where we can see both ?

Read the article ‘Plato’s cave’ (79).



Moshiya van den Broek