1. Welcome

Dear everyone,

I would like to start with this article. Everyone who knows the Thora, Genesis in the Bible and the Koran, will recognize this text or has heard or read something like it.

Koran – Sura 36;60-62

60 ‘Did I not enjoin on you, o sons of Adam, worship not Satan, for that he is your declared foe’
61 ‘but worship me? This is the right path’
62 ′But now hath he led a vast host of you astray. Did ye not then comprehend?’

Well, to see all that can be seen……………….
To be able to see what is not visible for man at present, but of which man has created an image, one shall have to go into the desert for those 40 days. Those who know the Scriptures, will recognize in this the story of Jesus who fought his personal battle there.

Or, in other words: one needs to fight one’s own personal battle, before one can drink of the cup (the holy grail). Yes, indeed, this is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and for them I speak in parables, or vehicles. “Vehicles?” you will say. Indeed, for each form that describes, but IS not, is like a vehicle which brings you closer to the reality. Later you will understand this better.

I will lead you there in three steps. Mind you, these vehicles, or steps, are exactly those ‘vehicles’ which form a mental, physical and spiritual trinity in man. Only when this unity becomes a reality in the consciousness, can one see this unity or experience it.

This means that I will form a picture for you by means of the ‘known’, which leads to the ‘unknown’. These little ‘bridges’ will help you to become more conscious of the connections, which ultimately lead to the whole. Although the whole does not require a mental exercise, I do ask you to read everything attentively, so you can really take it in, because we shall have to descent very low to be able to climb very high, in order for you to receive. We shall go from one subject to a totally different one and I’ll show you what they have in common.
You will come to understand that to be able to recognize something, one has to know it first. This is only possible by building little bridges, or let me call it a ‘ladder’ here.

We live in a world of duality, of two-ity and separation. In the movement from positive to negative and from negative to positive, one learns and gains insight. Look for instance at a baby who is hungry and who develops a desire with his/her first food. The child will make a connection between hunger and a satisfied feeling, and this way a connection is made between image and feeling. Slowly words, although still primitive, will be added that help him to satisfy his desire. But if he lets himself be led by that desire, then this will end up in suffering again, for now he has a stomach ache caused by overeating. Eventually he will eat only as much as he needs.

So it is a necessary evil: because he had turned away from God, he was not 1 anymore and he became the prism that divided the light, broke apart what was 1. His crown fell to the earth: a necessary evil. Light is like a shadow of God.

I will call it a mirror here, because in a mirror you can see love but not wisdom, for that is hidden in it. Notice at the same time what the 3 and the 1 mean, and the 2 I mentioned earlier, the duality.

Necessary evil………… no wonder it was called the forbidden fruit. But He made everything perfect and rounded it, so that all would lead back to Him again.
For the seed falls to the earth and grows up again as the tree of wisdom, giving itself what it receives: love. All this is in everything.

Out of this 3 (trinity) and this 2 (duality) arises the 5: the five senses. You will recognize from this that a number describes something.

“Let there be Light”. He sent his first son away, turned His back on him and what did He say?

I want to leave it here for now, mentioning that I left ‘image’ out for the moment deliberately.

In the articles I will show in a visible form for those who look outward and try to find their answers in the world. Then you can see that there is a different form of ‘seeing’, which does not lead outward but inward, that this divine structure is present in everything, but is not God himself and that this is the divine spark where everything leads to. The iota that cannot be changed, the pure ‘being’ that may receive the divine light (like man-god in the garden).

For in the Divine Light lies the All-hearing and the All-seeing. Feeling is the female side, which got senses and so eyes and ears too. In all this is hidden the suffering, the beginning of desire, but also the fear that leads to suffering, the male side, which arises out of ignorance (think for instance about the tree, the flower, the fruit, the seed and the growing).

You will understand too that the Bible/Koran/Baghavad Gita not only describe something, but that they are vehicles that lead to the outward form. But through this outward form one can come to the symbolic meaning: the apple is not just an apple, but also a parable.


Moshiya van den Broek