77. Wobble, earth, snake and mankind

Kundalini a word most of you will have heard, it means rolled up or curled up. The energy that flows along the spine upwards does so by the snake way seen with the Aesculapius (the medical sign with the two snakes and staff or rod. The Chakra’s are vocal points that have connections, Chakra means wheel or disc.


I will not go much further with this because much has been written about it already and if you wish to study this angle a little deeper then just ask and I will point you to a good site. The reason for this is for you to recognize the shape again. Place on top of this figure the two circles of the star of Bethlehem with the throat chakra where the point above the pyramid is that enters the top circle( the top point of the 5 pointed star). There is a related story in the bible, about Moses and his ability to change the rod into snakes and back into a rod again. The universe is cooling down and enters a single line, or matter becomes a singularity through this umbilical cord.


The earth follows the same pattern. The snake in the structure of the star of Bethlehem is based on the 2 and 5 or 25 (place the two on top of the five and you will see it looks like the snake). What is in a word? Sin ! The root of 5625 is 75 and 75×52,36=3927 (the old and new testament) 3927/30=1309 sin.

5236 / 4 = 1309 1309 / 25 = 5236 but you also know this wobble of the earth and the outer degrees of the star of Bethlehem which is 576 degrees.

Now let’s see 576/25 = 23.04 the angle of the wobble and let’s go a step further 23,04/12=19,2 the line along which you will find the solar spots, volcano’s etc.

13 times 19,2=2496 24×96=23.04 again.

19,2 x 5625=1080.

19,2 x 3125= 60

From our milky way, from the outer perimeter to its centre half way therefore leads you into the centre, the heart.



Moshiya van den Broek