76. Still waiting?

So what are you waiting for?
The coming of…. or for something to happen? Are you waiting for something that will be said or shown or someone who will perform a miracle? Then tell me what kind of miracle are you looking for? Or what must be shown or said in order for you to know?

What if I am waiting for you?
I hear people say yes I can feel it something is about to happen, we are in the end time, I tell you this feeling is blind, it cannot tell you what is about to happen, they often speak of intuition as were it a higher form of knowledge or insight. If it is, why can it not express itself? Why can it not say ”this and this will happen”? This intuition is like a child that has not yet learned to speak and is asked what do you feel?

Then there is a whole group who say, I know, but do they really? Jesus comes down on a ufo ,the extra-terrestrials will come and show us the way to name a few of what is said on the internet, then there are others who say that they speak in the name of saint, messiah or other enlightened being that waits in a mother ship or from another dimension(have you forgotten that it was said that there will be many false prophets?)ask yourselves who is reading? There are many scientists who are looking for the truth but with what measure? What they are looking for is confirmation of their own ideas of that truth.

Ask yourselves are you not doing the same thing? If it does not agree with your idea of it you tend to reject it. Some of you say yes but I will recognize the truth because my feeling will tell me, think again! How wise is that feeling that cannot clearly express itself? Just look at the way the bible has been read, they are looking at the outer story as the truth but what if you don’t know the truth, a truth so high that it is not of this world, how could it be explained to you who is visually orientated? It would need a bridge, a way that would help you to get an idea. This happens but people start to see the idea as truth itself. To use an outer story to explain an inner one. Man does not know his soul nor is he able to see the soul of another person but he speaks of it as if it is familiar to him.

Each moment in time, each memory etched, from your very first experience
(some are familiar with the word Akasha), so each of them are individual moments or individual frames in a stretched line. Each of them contains a limited awareness of self and seeks of itself. Much like a hologram when light falls onto it, it will project of itself but it is more complete than the hologram you know because it is interconnected to thought, feeling, seeing and hearing, this means it will trigger thoughts and feelings.
You could say that all these individual moments with the connections it has made continuously look through your eyes and listen with you through your ears, it smells with you it feels with you, and when it does recognize something of itself it will trigger a thought or feeling.

In time and through experience you will be able to bring knowledge into those blind or dark rooms in your house, having experienced enough you are able to go back to those old and incomplete moments and connect bigger insights to it so they will not remain as blind as they were previously and bit by bit when they look with you into the present moment they will see more clearly. As you go back and look from moment to moment you will see that this process of previous moments looking with you in the next moment also means that you are blinded from the truth. Important here is to realise that you need to recall these moments in their full light as if you were experiencing them once again so all connections are alive(much like this very moment where you see, hear, feel ,touch, smell) but remain conscious of now, in other words be in it but not of it!!!! Yes there too, this way the experience itself does not carry you away by triggering feelings and thoughts etc. So your present knowledge can make connections with those blind ones in the past, this way it will become less blind, and when it is worded you will not speak of intuition anymore but be able to say where this feeling comes from.

When this is done and you have found your way back to your first moments of awareness in this life and are able to forgive yourself by the realization of the need of experience then you will also realize that this blind force (that which you know as the devil) which fuels those experiences to seek of themselves, is also blinded and his desire to experience comes from not knowing, from not being connected with loving wisdom, turned away from g-d, forgive him for his desperation. Let him turn round and face g-d.

As you clear out these impurities you will notice that you have insights that go beyond those you could have gained by outer experience alone.

This will help you realize that there is a wisdom far beyond anything you could experience and that your experiences were merely bridge builders.

You will realize there is no need of thought in order to know, that your physical eyes, your physical senses are, were, no more than rudiments of true feeling(the love of g-d full of wisdom) this feeling is all seeing all hearing. Yes you will eventually consciously understand this to be true: g-d being all seeing all hearing.
But right now you need to wake up to all this, you need to understand that all you can see right now is based on earthly senses and experiences, even when you have had experiences such as O.O.B’s, outer body experiences, dream state experiences etc.  They were still being translated by earthly experiences.

Read with a heart filled with love, listen with a heart full of love, look with a heart full with love. When you do then there is no room to judge.
When you do the devil will not be able to guide you.
When you do you will come to see that what you were waiting for is already there.



Moshiya van den Broek