75. Letter to Meru Foundation

I have been made aware of an article you wrote about “squaring the circle”, so I did go to your site and went through other articles and find them very interesting.


In one of my article I did explain something that is very much related to yours [ squaring the circle ].

But before I continue I would like to say that I have always explained that G-d created the world in 6 days and if you take a pen and write down a 1 and continue with the pen down you will round it off and so write a 6, or in other words come into the cycle. In order to get off the cycle you turn around from the circle back to the 1 or in other words you describe a 9.

69 or 96, this indeed is part of the structure.

36 and 6 (0), it is also the joining of the 6 pointed star with the 5 pointed star by the Vesica Piscis.

While you are right you forget one thing, ”as above so below “, but in mirror image.
25 – 52
25 + 52 = 77 x 17 = 1309 which is half way (all the way 99×1309=129591).

As it is known there are 32 paths to build a heart.
23 + 32 = 55 or 1 (5+5=1(0))

The 1 of 17 to make it good. The 2 and 5 are mirror images. This mean that the 2 circles that make up the 8, the Greek sign for eternity, has its mirror too, in other words the tree of good and evil 88 and then there is the tree of life which makes 888 (3).

But, could this be? This 52, a cycle based on the circle 36(0).

,05236 times 5=2,618 ,times 6 3,1416, times 8=4,1888.

Yes, the cubit of Noah, the measure of man and the world. The golden ratio, Pi and the formula for a sphere. Just 3 of them that can easily be recognized.

300x50x30=45(000) the cubit of Noah 45×5,236=235,62

Was that not the length of one site of the pyramid at Giza where they found an ark that would take you to the nuat?

So what would the full circle be if the ark would travel around it?

The 8. 8×45=360, but the 8 made by the Vesica Piscis is 576 degrees and the difference between 360 and 576 is 216.

Was it not Plato who said `you only need to go as far as 216`?

And 8×23562=188496 this is the two dimensional representation.

The 3d will be explained in another article.

Isn’t that something, the 1 and 88 (the 2 trees) half way is 4(8/2)and this 96 where the 5 and 6 join, when joined they do not make 11 but 7 points.

Yes this very structure I am describing is the star of Beth-le-hem and as you will see it is the star of David and 2 tails (and 7 heads).

But let’s go back for a moment. If one 8 has 5 76 degrees, if you add two you will have 1152, rings a bell? And if we take all three of the 8’s, 3 times 576 is 1728. 12 disciples, 144×12=1728. Yes, 1728+144 (Christ)=1872.

But let’s look again. If 8=576 then half is 288, again according the measure of the pyramid, but wait, didn’t Plato say… 216, 288-216=72. Isn’t that the degrees of the 5 pointed star? And isn’t 288 where the eye starts on the left and right side of the 8?

Where there is a 4 and a 5 according the tree, 45 then entering the Ark and leaving in its mirror image 54.

45+54=99 the number for Amen, the 66 books mirrored. But were there not 66 books in the bible? 39 in the old testament and 27 in the new testament ,so how was it again to calculate a sphere? 4/3, can we also take 0,75 the root or base, well let’s see.

0,75 x 52,36 = 39,27

One from right to left, the other from left to right so that would mean 27 is 72 and 72×39=28o8 (0), now, what was that one on the big Mayan cycles? And was 25920 not a cycle too? 72×36 (0) but also 12×216, cycles within cycles within and yes, there were 3 wise men each holding a treasure, they could see the star and knew its way, they knew the birth place (location) date (of birth) and his title name.

Whether there is an Ark on Ararat or not, the true Ark is you, who rides the waves day and night, until you reach the top of the mountain, but if there is one measure to locate, to convert degrees to radians multiply by one third cubit. Trigonometry,  the old gps worked fine don’t you think? Yes one tool, didn’t I say 3 wise men? So, we went through some of the angles and degrees.

You know there are 32 paths (and 17, a 1 and a 7) 49 in total, was there not a window in the Ark? One cubit from the top which was 50, so this one tree has 32 and the other as well, 64 then or 576 and 32 for one.

If one 5 is mirrored it makes 2, the 25 (52) and we have the 5 and 6 star that makes 7 points , 2+5=7 56,25 but this was not hidden at all! Have I been so blind? Or did I judge with a wrong mind set? Did G-d not say to put the stone tablets into the Ark of Covenant? And did he not give its measurements? 1,5×1,5×2,5=5,625 but I will have to explain that there is a 1 and a 8 not on the left or right but in the middle and 1 on the left and right.

So 18 is the Ark and the cycle 8

But if there is a tree there is also a root, did I not say that it was 0,75 and the 8 or 875.

We only have 2 keys now, the 52,36 and the 56,25

52,36+56,25=108,61 but not 875 5625+3125=875(0)

So, where was that hidden, or was it? The snake divided by 8 25/8=31,25

Yes 6 days creation, 7th day rest and the 8th start.

But it really started with Adam, half an 8, 3 still a trinity, with G-d he took a mirrored 3 or rib, but was it not darkness from the beginning?
That would mean it must be found in the whole beginning, all of the Thora 304803 letters/numbers, we will have the two circles out 3483 3/4/8/3= 00,3125

While we have done this Plato said you only have to go as far as 216

So 3483 + 216 = 3699 yes a 6 can turn 9 (3701)

But let’s leave it at this for a moment. As you know Christ was 3168 but the second (as the second coming)
5236 + 5625 + 3125 = 13986

13 was half way the generations as there were 26 (313), the spiral we see in our galaxy, the Yin Yang, the 96 based on the golden ratio 2618, yes there is 1,618 and 0,618 and halfway ( sin and cosinus ) is 1309, Amen, is that not the centre then? Amen was 99, then he who is blessed who comes half way and reaches out a hand to you and has his “I am blessings from above”.

1309 x 99 = 129591 could it be a mirror from above?
Would it be a date from which he rises from the underworld? Nether land where he went down like he previously did and fight his devil? And would it be on time? 18,07 local time

1959,18,7 and was it a finger that touched? 187
187 x 3 = 561 the 5 and 6 and the 1
7 x 187 = 1309 or 21 x 187 = 3927

You might say fine, but I would like to know DNA or the universe, I can give you all the bridges that would join them together and give you more than you could know. I have shared with you a bit of the cup but gnosis I shall not give yet, this will come when your believe has woken up your heart and know that this time has come.



Moshiya van den Broek