74. Things you need to know

I have often explained that in order to know truth you have to create the right conditions to gain insights that lead to the truth. When you switch off the light your eyes need to adjust and slowly you will start to recognize faint outlines of your surroundings, in a similar way this happens when you suddenly walk into the bright daylight. Consciousness follows a similar path but it is looking at darkness (not knowing) it seeks to overcome darkness.

Let’s look at a black hole where light disappears (the event horizon) you know it is a black hole because visual light does not escape from it and therefore you are not able to look into it. Conscious the drive behind this universe is like being in a tube, when it enters the lower chakra all it is aware of is that of the edge much like that of the edge of a black hole, you are not yet aware of the higher chakras because when you look into this very long tube it narrows down to a singularity.

So when it enters you through this first chakra (often called instinct), all it can do is follow its pattern (the nature of plants and simple life forms). This so called tube is like a snake curled around a tree (imagine looking into this tube you cannot see the light at the end only its reflections on the side).

While consciousness is still on a lower level it is not aware of all that causes the bending of the tube (such as mental conditioning bending the light). If you would place a magnet alongside the path of a metal ball it would alter the course of it, ”attraction”, planets and stars too influence the tide (such as the moon) so clearly each individual thing creates its own attraction much like experiences, as they are gathered and make more connections, joining image, sound and feeling. Its attraction becomes stronger(try to rub two things together and notice it will cause a static field that will attract each other).

So many of these things such as experiences in life are stored on this tree and cause their own attraction. And as these experiences came through the senses, they are also able to recognize through these senses of themselves, whether you are aware of  it or not (ever experienced the desire for something such as a particular type of food and then realize it was a smell that you picked up that triggered it?) These stored memories/experiences recognized something of themselves and triggered desire.

Sometimes I hear someone say with pride “intuition”.
They didn’t really know what, but something made them stop, go or do something. They consider it a higher form of consciousness: wrong. Let’s leave aside the fact that it is only good in the eyes of personality but look closer. If the tube would have been in a straight line then all connections would be known and you would have been able to consciously see in word, image and feeling, and you could fully explain. Even further than that: you would never get to the point where intuition needed to trigger a warning. Aside from the fact that intuition could be no more than any of the collected experiences seeking of itself.

The branches are like different aspects of the same tree, like the rainbow and all the colours are different aspects of that one light. In the same way the senses (seeing, hearing and feeling) are different aspects of the same. You see the outer edges, the sound it makes and vibrations it causes in other words you are aware of the sides of the tube where the different colours of light fall onto. You may judge someone but how far can you see? You judge while you cannot see the true light in someone (the soul) just the darkness but not its roots (the cause of it all) “the pot blames the kettle”, you might see a little more on this or that side but still blind of the centre.

Look into your own darkness, see what causes thoughts and feeling to be triggered, bring it to light, bring consciousness to them so you may become aware and take control before they take control of you.

Realize that this is the way light overcomes darkness, forgive him, forgive yourself, if you place knowledge into it then it will become wisdom in time. Because its seeing, hearing and feeling will become more clear.

To become all-aware, to become fully conscious really means you see in hearing and hear in feeling. This is very different from your known seeing, hearing and feeling.



Moshiya van den Broek