71. Speed of light

The speed of light is 299792,458 km/sec.
How is this related to the old wisdom? And can it be linked to the bible and the Veda’s?

The Nineveh number 19595520 is indeed related and is the light, but before we continue I will also need to tell you something about the first letter of the Hebrew alpha-beth: Alef. It looks a little like the sign for percentage % but the zeros are 5`s , Alef is the first letter a 1 or 10. If you look it up in the kabbalah, the 1 is Keter and 10 is Malkhut.

Keter is also known as the crown of G-d, but think closely about this: Keter is in Malkhut and Malkhut is in Keter, Malkhut-Kingdom or Sovereignty, Israel, Divine presence, Elohim, Lower crown, the attribute of justice, Court of G-d, The oral Thora, 1 and 10.

Then one more thing, if you draw the star of Beth-le-hem with the numbers as I have given you and then do the same on a clear sheet of plastic and then place it upside down on top of the other and look at the right hand side then you will notice that the two fives are on that side but one five is upside down and now represents a 2. Now look closely to the one in the middle (remember here what this one is % 5/5) there you can find this 2 and 5 joined together, “the snake”. You might now understand a little more about what Jesus said (“I am the morning and evening star”).

So now let’s get back to the Nineveh number 1959552, joined 5’s are 10 !
The first sign also being the last(look at the article “a look inside the ark” and find the signs of Capricorn in the ark) you will find the sign of Capricorn twice both on top Keter and in Malkhut, the sign that is both goat and fish.

299792,458 km/sec
3265920×6=19595520 or 195912.

3265920 times 28 is 9144576 look at it closely again 9.144.576.
3x2x6x5x2=3240 3240 times 8 is a great year 25920.

50,625 times 64 is 3240
576 times 5,625 is 3240
and other multiplications of this 3240 will be familiar to you too.

The fractal parts of light 1731,451582 and 5475,330657

5475 – 1731=3744
3744 / 2 = 1872 the Mayan long count which is equal to the 144 times 13 or 12 plus one. The root of the speed of light 1731451582, and the root of 10 is 3162277660 x 5475330657 = 1731451582

this root of 10 times 5 is also related to a location 51.31.1581. its sum is 25.

One more cycle, the galactic cycle, one revolution of the solar system around the galaxy is equal to 225,000,000 ,this 225 times 64 is 14400
If you look at secret of secrets 2 you will find this 225 as 4 times 56,25 is 225.

Now the speed of light in vacuum or water alters a little, imagine a person who has no blockage, light might enter him more easily, then imagine a part of light is harmonised, 29974536 or centred the 2 the 99 the 7 the 45 and 36 (the difference between the two is 4922 the highest you can get 49 and the 22 letters “Hebrew”)

And as you will know 45360 is another Mayan cycle. All the fish in the net
But who understands it? Who has set out the net and pulled up 153 fish?

Let’s see this 5475 as the root 5475 x 5475 = 2997.5625

2997/56.25 = 5328

5328 x 2 = 10656 recognize this number then?

Or 6 x 5328 =31968, if you continue to multiply this 5328 and take the left two numbers and the right two numbers and add them up

10 plus 56 is 66 plus the centre 6 is 666

31 plus 68 is 99 plus the centre 9 is 999 etc.

Morning star and evening star.



Moshiya van den Broek