70. A look inside the Ark

At the beginning I did explain that the story of the Ark is somewhat different from the usual explanations, I did say that the Ark is you and the waves are like life with it ups and downs.

I also spoke about the raven and the dove and the window of one cubit. What I did not mention to most of you is the part about the animals that were in the Ark. Those animals came in pairs. But I will get back to this later, I first wish to bring in some of the things Plato said and some monks who lived in the 1500,s and connect this to Egypt, Greece and back to the bible again.

Philo declares that the Ark was prepared in imitation of the human body, The early church father—notably Tertullian, Firmilia Cyprian, st Augustine, and st Chrysostom recognized in the Ark a type or symbol of the holy church, one of them declared that Noah in all things typified Christ as Noah alone of his generation was just, so also  Christ alone was without sin. With Christ there was a sevenfold spirit of grace: with Noah seven righteous persons.

The following diagram did appear in the Antiquitatum Judaicarum Libra XI:

There are 33 separate compartments and 3 levels minus the 3 which are the entry or exit, 3 times 33 is 99 but 3 times 32 is 96.

Do you remember where this 96 is to be found on the star of Bethlehem ?
Where the number 4 and 5 is, which is also where the twice 192 is or 384.

As you know the 8 on its side also is the Greek sign for eternity.
Now if you place this 96 on its side do you then recognize it? Yes one of the zodiac signs.(Cancer)

Did you not notice that this ark pretty much looks like a coffin?
The true life is not Hades or Hedes(underworld).

Hedes coffin has the zodiac signs in it, and recognize the 3 layers pictured on top and the bottom, then it is now time to see them placed in the ark. Now look closely at the middle point ^69: this too is the ark.

So where does it point at? It points to the 4 where the 60 and 36 degrees come together and make 96, now this means it is in a vertical position but to give you another clue there is another 4 and 5
look at the top of the 8 there is a 2 and a 3 that makes 5.
Then look at the lower part there is a 6 and a 7 which makes 13
and 1 plus 3 is 4, so left and right and top and bottom, both have a 45 or 54 in the vertical position the snake or waves will move it up and down.

And the lower left half and the top right half or the top left half and the right lower half describe a S, you need to think male and female here.

40 days an 40 nights and then landing on top of the mountain, do you recognize the mountains? can you see the ark go along its way?



Moshiya van den Broek