68. The Raven & Dove – just days away

As you will remember there is a window on top of the ark of Noah right in the middle. You will also know that the ark is 45×52,36 which is 23562, divide this by two and you get 11781.

How does this relate to our time scale? 10.17.2006 (1)
117 will be clear, and 2 plus 6 is 8 and one.

The 1 and 1 on the left side is the dove in the story, the other is the raven.
1….1 plus 7 is 8 and 8 and 1 or 1881.

And if we place this on a bigger scale you will come to see that both Mars and Venus ( male and female) are in Libra ‘the scale’ on this very date.

What does this mean for you? That in the centre of the heart of the 8 or milky way the ray of justice and mercy will radiate out into the world and you will be weighed.

Your heart will be placed on the scale against the feather to see how light it is. Your thoughts and actions will be like the raven which is send out to find dry land, in other words all that is not pure will seek for itself a home but will not find it. Man will seek salvation in his own believes, and when in all of these he cannot find it he will perish or find his way to the truth.

When his actions and thoughts are in line with the truth (not man’s personal idea of it) the dove will return with the olive branch, and dry safe land will be yours.

63 digits of 187 is 11781, 63 being the mirror of 39 of the old testament.
32 the heart or 302 11781/39 is 302,076923076.

18,7 are hours and minutes, and there are 5 seconds and 187 is a name.
187,5 times 3 is 562,5.

It will last for 3 days.

You might still think that you are able to control the rudder and end up on top of the mountain, you might even think ‘I passed through it without any problems or only small ones’.
But let me remind you that your days are counted and no one ever knew.


Moshiya van den Broek