67. The finger of G-d


1 digit is 18.7
3 digits is 56,1
4 digits is 1 palm or 74,8
5 digits is 1 hand or 93,5
6 digits is 1122
9 digits is 1683 (3168) JC.
12 digits is 3 palms or a small span
14 digits is a large span or 2618 (golden ratio)
Ezek 2:10 he marked of the heavens with a span,
24 digits is 2244
28 digits is 1 royal cubit.

By the 7s or 77x 9 digits 129591.
The 8 was divided by 32
Twice 32 is 64
Zechariah the prophet saw by cubits 40x20x4 is 3200
3200×5236 is 167552 divided by 2618) span is 64.
The outer parameter of course is 32 times 5625 is 18000…
Divided by 3125( which it the sum total of the Thora)
18000/3125 is 576.

Let me explain again where these measures come from: the royal cubit is based on two cycles, the 52 weeks of 7 days and the cycle of 360(the zero being a revolution).

Then clear in sight the kings el, based on the ark of covenant
Which is given as 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5 is 5,625

Then the 31,25 which I did not fully explain other than it is based on the total amount of letters in the Torah, which is 304803 letters
3/8/4/3 is 3125 while the other way round 3x4x8x3 is 288.

Which of course is 3125×288 is 90 of half of the value of AMEN.
The second cycle(288) the decimal point moves one place (900)(990)

Remember a span is equal to the golden ratio (2618) but it is said that you only need to go half way, half golden ratio is 130,9.

So now we get closer 1309 is half way then, so the blessed, full of grace. 99×1309.
And then the start was 396….. to 693 and yes the finger or digit which is 187. And the cycle is rounded off.


Moshiya van den Broek