66. The tree in the garden part 2

You have seen that the eight is the tree, in fact two eights, one and its reflection/mirror image, and the one on the left or right side of the eight are the pillars mercy and justice, abba and aima, and the middle pillar, benignity or grace.

Going back to the parables, the fish in the net, and the dragnet and gathering the good into a vessel and throw away the bad. The 153 fishes Jesus collected, in part one I gave you some insights on 1188, now mercy and justice need to come together in grace.

153 times 5236=801108.

Jesus and hundred and fifty-three fish and 12 disciples


As you will know there are 32 paths (as the Kabbalah will tell you)
576 is the true tree 18×32 is 576.
Divide each step back by two and you will see that you end up with the 18 which is equal to the 576, and the division will give you the kings el again 0,5625 divide 18 by it and you will get the 32 again.
But divide the 18 by 576 and you get the royal cubit 003125
5625 was given by the measurement of the ark of covenant and the royal cubit by the whole of letters.

Now as you will remember I did explain that the ark (45) needed to travel round the eight, 45 times 18=81(0), then 81 times 81=6561 mirror of.1656

576+18=594 594 chapters brings you to 118.8 “it is better to trust the lord then to trust man.”
576/81=7,111111….. or the 17 in mirror.

3 times 8 or 3 x 576=1728 divide this by amen or 99
and you get 1745…..
or divide 52,36363636… by 3=1745…

then the 3 wise man each holding the key, 3 master keys 31,25 ..56,25..52,36
adds up to 13986 the master after 3168
18×777=13986 as you now know that the 18 is the cycle (smaller and larger) you understand also that you need to reach the 7 in each of  the 3 eights.
Read peter 21 21×666=13986 yes indeed: ”I am the morning and evening star”.

99 blessing or amen 99099 blessing on two sides
129591/17 is 7623 times 13=99099.
Remember that 3267 is the mirror and 32 paths then from 6 to 7 in other words the 33rd Daath master.
As 129591 divided by 33=3927  the 66 books,  39 old 27 new.

Now to the true knower of truth and he who as eyes to see 666
There is another key number you will need 187.
13986/187=2615382 ( 26 as in generations 153 of the full net of fish 82 completion)
2615382/666=3927 the 66 books again.
129591/187=693 693 times 13=9009
8 times the ark 23562=188496/187=1008
235620/187=1260 (see 360 calendar)
187 times 18 (the cycle) is again the 33 and 66, 3366
3366 x 777=2615382



Moshiya van den Broek