61. 3 levels of the soul

There are 3 levels of the soul, one part is from which the body is built (related to sexual drive) and flows down through the seed (desire) and draws from the level of angels ‘people’, this part never leaves the grave.

And so the dead know and talk with each other.

The second part gives existence to the first part in this world and returns after death to its own domain separated from the first and remains hovering above the grave and enters the garden of Eden of this world.

It cloths itself with the air of the garden, and in the midst of the garden stands a pillar through which it returns – rises to Elohim (the pillar or tree). And from there it returns again into the physical.

The 3rd is above these two and it originates from the power of male, the tree of life.

You could see it like a flame of a candle, thereby the first is like the darkest bit of the flame attached to the wire, the second is like the white flame above the first one and the 3rd the light that is not seen other than its reflection.

If you look at dreams at night then the first one is stilled and the second rises where it writes and collects the impressions it gathered to another level of insight, people often try to translate dreams attached to its outer appearances while this level is much like that of the bible itself where the deeper layers are more metaphorical, the 3rd rises above that and reaches the higher region but on its way down it will become coloured by the second layer. Once one becomes cleansed its influence on this level will lessen, and what comes from the higher region will become more clear.



Moshiya van den Broek