59. Knowledge that blinds and Wisdom that makes you see

Knowledge that is gained through ego/personality, by study, life or any other way will as long as it is done following his own ideas, no matter how original they are, never lead to the cleaning and purifying ability of the light the soul longs for.

One day when the heart has become tired of seeking satisfaction of ego and a longing for true freedom of its chains has arisen (32>23)(17>71) then the outstretched loving hand of g-d might be recognized.

The soul which is five sided, two on both sides and one in the middle, the snake or dragon that causes the waves will need to still so that holy spirit can fill/bring the seed to flower “the Rose”.

This dragons fire breath is also known as the g-dly blood that is associated with the holy grail, and he who drinks from it may receive g-dly wisdom at first hand.

Kundalini is the snake and the stick in the story of Moses that is directed by this holy blood ”g-ds will be done”

Please remember that a student at this stage will need the assistance of someone who knows. The reason for this is he can only follow his own nature (the one he identifies himself with).

From childhood you accept or reject, the positive by rewards is cultivated as is the negative, it feeds although mostly suppressed. All images and feeling memories connected to it will still use the 5 instruments to find food for itself.

This is like a shadow, and people often run from their own shadow, but in truth opposites are aspects of the same, a liberal will reject a conservative as arrogant, cold and primitive while a conservative will reject a liberal as being naive, childish and weak. And when at times the shadow side comes and looks around the corner then the personality will try to cover its nakedness which could lead to extreme anti-behaviour, this can be seen with people who have lived a life full of drugs, alcohol, and crime; these elements formed their shadow side, and replaced it by becoming a Christian for instance, therefore it really did not solve anything.

It is here where man needs help of a master who will help him find what is the cause of the shadow and overcome it.

At this stage in this revealing light personality will try to understand and will in its typical way wish to respond until it has developed enough to make a real choice by regained freewill.

It is here where the first door is, through which he needs to pass.

It is the shadow of karmic past.



Moshiya van den Broek