58. Pythagoras and his knowledge

When I explained about the ark of Noah and his 40 days and nights at sea being the ups and downs of life (you being the ark) then you will understand that the waves are also the emotional turmoil that takes you along its streams. Much like thoughts that pass by like clouds to which you cling on to, triggered by signals picked up by sense perception, conscious or unconsciously.

Lamblichus wrote In the life of Pythagoras about the many wonders he performed on his travels. One was calming the water of rivers and seas so that his students could cross more easily. In relation to this you might want to rethink some of the ideas you did have about what is written in the bible about water.

Another one of Pythagoras was the fish as known through the story of Jesus 153 which he too gave, and more, 265/153 the size of the fish! Length divided by height and the square root of 3, the vesica piscis. Two circles that produce the fish.

Then another way to PI in the verse of the molten sea, the word used in the verse in written form is Ktiv kava (kuf,vav,hey) yet the word is read as kri (kav,kuf.vav) the numeral value is 111 (kuf=100 vav=6 hey=5) while the numeral value of kav is 106 ( kuf=100 vav=6) 111/106=1,047169 Kri divided by ktiv multiplied by 3 is 3,141509.



Moshiya van den Broek