57. A freemason connection

As you know the rebuilding of the third temple is the fabled goal of the esoteric societies of the west, particularly the free masons.

It is something which keeps the Sanhedrin busy as well as does the Weisman Institute of science as you can see in the article ”there is more to it and does the bible say pi is 30?”.

But there are more connections, someone by the name of Sir Charles Warren, 1840/21 jan,1927, an archaeologist who conducted excavations in Jerusalem, and was elected founding Master of Quatuor Coronati lodge :2076 “1884”(4 crowns) and district Grant Master of the eastern Archipelago.

In 1867 he discovered the tunnel(Hasmonean) which runs adjacent to the Haram-al-sharif, Islam’s third Holiest shrine and is the former site of the temple of Herod, destroyed in AD 70.

This whole did get a new turn in 1996 entering the cave also known as the cotton cave and is seen as a start towards the rebuilding of the third temple.

Those linked to this are Blavatsky and the golden dawn as well, and with some research I am sure you will be able to trace this link but it does go beyond the purpose of this article.

Let us go back to the cave and sir Charles Warren, the cave is some 220 meters in length and has a circumference of 900 meters and has chambers and columns, this too is no coincidence as I will show you 900/22=40,9090909 times 32=1309,0909 and twice is 2618,18,18 but this 900 is also 576 (18 is 1+8=9) and 576/9=64 or twice 32.

One of the measuring tools of old is the grain and is said to be a grain of a plant but they are not sure which one, but I will tell you what it represents, one grain is one degree!

This is what sir Charles Warren said, a maneh is 1/60 Talent therefore and 9600 grains, a shekel is 1/50 of a moneh and therefore 192 grains and one shekel is 20 gerahs.

So a talent therefore is 5760 grains.

And where they make a mistake is that its weight changed. When the children of is ra el returned from 1728 to 1152 is because 3 times 576 is 1728 and from above it counts back. From 3 to 2 to 1. A week of 7 days times 52 is 364 times 2 is 728. A one missing like it does in the Renne le Chateau mystery 618, as in the 8 where the one was hidden in the centre.


Moshiya van den Broek