56. There is indeed more to it

Dear Mr. van den Broek,
Your letter to Sanhedrin was forwarded to me. As I understand, you suggest that the diameter of the molten sea of Hiram was measured by cubit of 50 cm while the circumference by cubit of 52.36 cm. Do you mean that 50 cm is the cubit of the Ark of Covenant while 52.36 was the cubit of the ark of Noach? By the way both cubits make sense. The first one is the average cubit of the world and of the Temple mount while the second one is about the tropical Egyptian cubit ( based on the arc length of meridian at lat. 10 deg) suggested by John Michell. However, my understanding of the matters is different from yours. The cubit of Moses was 48 cm while the cubit of the Temple was 51 cm. The ratio of corresponding volumes is almost exactly 6/5. See my site www.truthofland.co.il and read the abstract there. As for the circumference of the molten sea, the correct ratio is hinted by word “line” which is misspelled as “QWH” (Quf, Waw, Hey) and corrected on the margins as “QW”. The ratio of QWH=100+6+5=111 to QW=106 when multiplied by the approximate value 30/10 gives 3.1415. There is much more to this story. Sincerely, Daniel Michelson.

Dear Daniel Michelson,
Thank you for your reply, from brim to brim is 10 cubit which is diameter radius, on the other hand is then 5 cubits the circumference being 30. 30 times 52,36=1570, 8/5=3,1416. Please do not forget that g-d rounded it of on day 6, in shape also. If you take the cubit 52,36 and its multiplication you will get the worldly measures x2 =104,72 x3 = 157,08 x4 =209.44 x5= 2618 x6 = 31416 x7 = 36652 x8 =41888
Pi, golden ratio, formula globe, they are all there.

Yes this is indeed the cubit of the Ark of Noah but the 50cm is not the cubit of the Ark of Covenant but I will get back to this later, the ark 300x50x30=45(000) times 52,36=23562. Now to the Ark of covenant as given 1,5×1, 5×2,5=56,25 divide the Ark of Noah 23562 by 56,25=8 times the cubit of Noah 41888.
But I need to say here that there is a rule to the decimal point but this would be to lengthly to go into. For now we first need to explain something else; and yes there is a 48 this is an outer measure and an inner measure of 32. But to a more important one first, the very structure upon which all this is placed and by it a perfect fit.
You say almost a correct ratio of 5/6 I say to you not almost but perfectly.

We now have to go to the star of beth-le-hem. I have added a close approximation of the star of beth-le-hem, but not correctly centered, but for this letter enough. As you will see the star of David is joined with the pentagram. When you circle them both you will get the shape of an 8.
The circumference of this 8 is 576. Now if we go to your shekel which was 17,28 and when the children of is ra el entered the land it was reduced to 11,52 ratio 2/3, then you will indeed see that this is correct as the cubit in a rod is 8 cubits that encloses all is 4,1888 or in other words there are 3 8,8,8
576 plus 576=1152 and 3 times 576=1728.

Then when you will look at the star of beth-le-hem again you will notice the value of the left side(for you) has a value of 16 and the right side has a value of 13, which will be explained later.

But there are more measures such as the kings el and 32 hin or 1461 and ,03125 . All of these are openly shown in the Thora for those who have eyes to see.
They are not based on ideas or by playing with numbers to make them fit.

Also remember that the Ark of Noah has 3 layers and an opening of one cubit.
Now let’s see the Ark of Noah 23562 divided by the(year)576 will give you 4090625 but as you know there were 3 so 3×4090625=12271875 take this 12271875 and divide this by the kings el 31,25(given in the Torah) and you will get 39,27 or the 66 books 39 in the old and 27 in the new testament or 75 times the cubit of Noah 52,36 x 75=3927

The ark of Noah does go round the 8 so 23562 times 8=(the tree of good and evil) is 188496. Divide this by the 66 books 3927 and you have your 48.

As you will know there are 32 paths in the inner or 32 to build a heart and 17 to make it good, but 48 minus 32 is 16, add the one in the middle!
Add 32 to your 48 and you have 80 but with the one it will be 81 and its mirror is 18 the 8 and the one left or right.

IH is Jesus and its value 18 its return must by multipication come to 81 and by its adding up to 27.

As in the golden ratio 6 and 16 and 26 = 48 (and the 18).
G-d created the world in 6 days, the seventh was a rest day and it started on the 8th day.

When the Ark moved over the waves and eventually landed Malkuth 55 or 10 23562x55is 129591(0) it tells the story of Jesus in reverse and as you know we divided the ark by the 3 layers 576 and it gave us 409.0625 .
Now divide 129591 by 409,0625 and you will get 3168 lord Jesus Christ.
As you might know you can only get as high as 49
4(0)9(0)6,25 as to 56,25
while 129591 divided by 52,36 gives 2475. 24 as cycle and 75 as root of 56,25 and 2475 divided by 31,25 is 792 or one 4th of 3168.

The ark times the 8 is 188496 divided by 144 is 1309
129591 divided by 1309= amen 99.
409.0625×9=36815625 3681 5625
3168 5625
36815625/56.25=6545 65 being the star of beth-le-hem 6 and 5, 45 being the Ark 36815625/3125=11781 these should all be familiar to you.

Read revelations 13:18 or 49.



Moshiya van den Broek