55. Truth in word and number

I will now connect some of the numeral values to the words so it may become clear to you.

I will also show you why numbers are mirrored which will also make it more clear to you.

It will relate to the last couple of articles, as you will know 18 is the 1 and the cycle and when you have gone through the cycle then 1 will move to the other side, so in other words 18 becomes 81 or 801 .

I did mention that the number 11781 ( please look it up in the previous articles) is half the ark of Noah.

The 81 should be clear as it is the mirror of 18.

The 7 too will be clear and the 11 which is one part of 3 levels of the ark. But let us look a little further, alpha-omega which Jesus Christ said he was, has a numeral value of 801, are you starting to see the picture?

11 times 11781 then would give you 129591.

22 times will give you 259182 this will not say anything to you yet but let me help you on the way here, a big cycle was 25920 or 12 times 2160(the zodiac). But just as we had with the 4 or 40 or 400 there is a fine tuning to it, 400 was also 384.

Under the 4 on the star of beth le hem there is twice 19,2 which gives you 38,4 (see also the 360 calendar), this is the same with the big cycle. This is the precise fine tuning 2591,82 instead of 25920.

So 33 times gives you 3887,73 a smaller 27 or 0,27 short of 3888, if you look it up you will find the 3888 in relation to 31104 which is the starting point mentioned in creation.

Now look at the aleph itself. Adding each individual letter in its spelling will give you 111, and look at psalm 111 speaks of the start of wisdom.

Wisdom starts with the fear of the lord, as you know there are 3 of these 1`s and 3 of those 8`s as in 3 and 888.

But there are also 3 times 1 in 11781. And 3 is trinity, but psalm 111 has more to tell, the word Resh in Hebrew means the beginning, its value is 20 and is found in genesis 1.1, it is the second word. Now if we say the beginning of wisdom is fear of the lord it should make more sense. Reshith chokmah-the beginning of wisdom can then be found in proverbs 20.

“Thy word is true from the beginning (rosh) and every one of thy righteous judgements endureth for ever.” Ps.119:160

The opening clause reads: “rosh davarkah emet”, which literally means “the head or beginning of thy word is truth.”

“Emet” means “truth” and has a numeral value, while you could look it up, I will tell you but just think for a moment .

144 as you know times 22 is 3168 the lord Jesus Christ.

“Emet”, its value is 441 its mirror image, logic?




Moshiya van den Broek