54. Let the light penetrate

I wish to shine some light on the star of Beth-le-hem again so that you may see and understand it more clearly.
As you know the star of Bethlehem has the outer shape of a 8. And the star of David and the pentagram joined together in the fish.

Within the structure there are 32 paths (the heart) so the 8(0) minus 32 is 48 on the outer (576 / 48=12) while 32 and 17=49 So clearly it is 16 plus one. In other words the one in the middle.

The pentagram is divided by 15 parts of 24 degrees
Taking the 15 and dividing it by the 48 outer gives you 0,3125
And you can look up where this comes from, the total amount of letters in the Torah.

I also mentioned that this one in the middle is really 3 ones or 111.

There are Hebrew counts and Greek counts

Jesus = 888 or 8×111 Matthew 1:16
Christ’s =1332 or 12×111 Matthew 1:16
Look the virgin shall bare a son =2997 or 27×111 Matthew1:23
Child in her belly=1443 or 13×111 Luke 1:41
When she delivered=2220 or 20×111 revelation 12:4
Jesus risen =8880 or 80×111

You might recall the article where I did show the 91 and 16 or 916
R mirrored and B and this 9-6 g-d and the tree

3 2
5 4
7 6
7+5+3 +1=16

The birth of Jesus was 111 as from above to earth Malkuth (10)
18 was the whole tree its mirror 81 you could also say from the one to the cycle , the 8 and return from the cycle to the one.
From the highest to Hades (Hell) and back to the highest through duality to unity.
In reverse who does recognise a story here?

If you read the story of Jesus where he does go down to hell and returns again.
And the story of Maria and the crucifixion and his unity with the father.
By adding up you should get 27 , this 27 was one more after 26 generations (just like the 16 plus one in the first round)
By multiplication you should get 81(0)
By dividing half cycle and the 9 you should get Amen or 99.

Let him who has wisdom calculate the number………


Moshiya van den Broek