53. Unconditional love a contradiction?

Unconditional love is said to be a contradiction according logicians. Unconditional love is the limited condition of love that mistakenly forgives the crime while the crime is ongoing, thus it is the opposite of love, because it unconditionally encourages continued unloving behaviour.

But one of the names of g-d is EMET~ TRUTH therefore love of truth is a true form of love. This kind of love is a higher kind of love that does see through all lower cause and effect, and has its foundation in wisdom.

It is therefore not attainable for man unless his faith-believe has strengthened-grown enough for holy spirit to guide in its purest.

So unconditional love in truth is a love that raises above human conditional thinking and is built upon holy wisdom.

Something to think about, the dualistic world is part like.

Unity is wave like and spirit.



Moshiya van den Broek