52. The Song of Truth

In the Koran there is one Sura where Mecca is spelled Becca, often it was thought to be a spelling mistake, but the holy Koran is correct.

The value in this Sura by this spelling is 396.

You might also remember I did show you that from 1 to 9 and from 10 to 18 and from 19 to 27 placed under each other will give you 396 , 396 , 396.

I also spoke of the true musical notes before: 396,417,528,639,741,852.

And how they reverse over each 396, 639, and 417 741 and 528 852

Now let’s look at the bible again Numeric 7:12 -89

Though number reduction in this verse such as 13 = 1 plus 3=4

You will get these numbers 396/417/528/741/852

If we look at the Gregorian song for John the Baptist:
Ut fueant laxis
re sonare fibris
mira gestorum
fa muli tuorum
Solvre polluti
Labii reatum
Sancte johnannes


So that your unrestricted voices with strength of your great deeds may purify your lips of sin. Holy Johannes.



Moshiya van den Broek