51. The Doorway

In the previous articles I have spoken about the condition of the heart and the kind of love needed, but before you can have such love there is another step, `FAITH `. Without faith it will not be possible to get in contact with your higher self and g-d.

Jesus said not your work but faith will save you. Because no matter your intentions, if your works are not based on the truth guided through direct contact then it will still be your personal idea of what is good.

Some of you will now think but I do believe, yes you do but this is based on your idea of the truth whether it includes g-d or not. I don’t say that you should blindly accept what is given to you, but leave your judgement out of the looking and hearing . Make the effort to look it up and check what is given. I have given you bridges that will enable you to make connections and come to realise that it is indeed all connected.

In time you will see that for instance the golden ratio which you have recognized in the outside world is so because you too have this ratio in you.

The beauty you see in a flower can only be seen because it is also in you. Just as you see negative things and recognize them for the same reason. I do not say that this means you are negative, but just because of your experiences which you have stored in your memories they will recognize of themselves.

Cause and effect, the cycles and the laws are part of you. You read all this and are still judgmental, you look and judge it by your own ideas.

While time runs out, I said read it with a heart filled with love as if you did receive the greatest gift, a blessing, and yes this will not be enough. See the logic in all and let this build your believe, then your works will eventually come into line with the whole.



Moshiya van den Broek