50. Corruption

Corruption of the text lies not in the text itself but in the interpretation of the text.

This is the biggest problem both with the Bible and the Koran. Many times did I say,” for those who have eyes to see”. Some of you will say yes I can see, but do you?

The Koran, is based on the very same structure as the bible

The same math its key is 19 or 1,090909090909


Mohamed peace be upon him, was the last prophet (a chosen one to foretell what is to come).

Sadly both Jews and Muslims are blinded by their own build idea of what the truth is, in the article “Does the Bible say PI is equal to 3,0?” I spoke of the Sanhedrin, a council of 71 men who by the knowledge would judge, it was set up when g-d instructed Moses and Moses appointed 70 men. He knew the truth and the laws and therefore was entitled to set up the Sanhedrin. It is now set up and run by those who do not know the truth or the laws as Moses understood them based on direct instruction from g-d.

This is the very same with the fundamentalists among Muslims who for instance take the holy war which is in truth an inner war one has to fight to an outer war, and then speak of martyrs who kill themselves to kill others in the name of Allah, and then think they will earn themselves a place in the kingdom of g-d. The one blaming the other, while it was once said “let those who are pure and without mistake cast the first stone”.

Forgive them for they do not know, does not automatically mean a seat in heaven. It was one of the major laws that said you should not kill.

G-d does not differentiate, there are no different paths to the truth, there is only one path in truth. It does not belong to Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindu’s or any other man made idea of the truth, but to those who know there is only one.



Moshiya van den Broek