49. The way of the Heart part 2

As you have moved through the generations you have collected experiences and so developed your heart.

These experiences and feelings associated to them in time have led to the ability to word and express them, in other words you now know what love is not.

You have experienced loss, sadness, anger, fear, hatred, pain, jealousy ,greed, in other words all the sins, and through them you have built an idea of love, although this kind of love is still conditional and cannot be compared with the love of g-d for you.

At least you are having an idea of it, and the offering kind of love a mother has for her child which is the closest kind of love to that of g-d.

The second stage is that of learning of these experiences and see their purpose.

This will lead to the insight, and through it, forgive yourselves and you will also come to see that this is so for everyone, and therefore you will be able to forgive others like you did yourself.

This is then from the sixth day to the seventh day, the day of rest; and in this rest clarity will come and lead to the one.



Moshiya van den Broek