47. From complexity to simplicity

Some tell me that they find it difficult to remember all the numbers, this is because they are looking at them as such.

They are so much more than numbers, and much more than letters or the words that are shaped by them.

James 3:10 – with words we can bless or curse our lives. Simple words, yet their meaning far greater then you can imagine.

Just try to see each letter (number) as a road, each word as a city. Man wanders around, for he does not know how to read the map.

This map or star of beth-le-hem leads the way for those who are wise.

In revelations 13:18 the value of the 9 is 13986

13986 times 13 is 181818

18 as you now know is life, 18 18 18 is physical, mental and spiritual life. Or in other words the 3 wise men.

The ark was 45: from 4 to 5 boarding, leaving is from 5 to 4=54




Moshiya van den Broek