“Here is wisdom: let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of man. And his number is six hundred threescore and six.”

In order for you to understand where 666 comes from I will have to reveal a little more again about the structure.

As you know and what I did explain in previous articles is that the star of beth-le-hem (the 8 ) is really 3 times 8.

In other words,*888*.

And you also know that I often move the decimal point a place. You might think that I do this just to make it fit but if this would be the case I would not do it according to g-d’s laws. By saying this, I say that there is a rule to it.

And in order to explain 666 I will also need to explain a little more about the whole structure, revelations and the apocalypse. ‘Disclosure’ is a term applied to the disclosure to a certain privileged persons of something hidden from the mass of humankind, apocalypse is also the terminology of early Jewish literature, a revelation of hidden things given by g-d to a chosen prophet.

And we also need to go back to Jesus Christ. There is a Hebrew count and a Greek count, in Greek it is 3168, and if you multiply it by the 31,25 which came from the total amount of letters in the Torah 3125 x 3168 = 99,00000 the value of Amen.

We also spoke of the 12 plus Jesus makes 13.

So 12 times 144 is 1728 plus Jesus (1440)=1872

If we take 3168 – 1728 = 1440.

And 3168 plus 1872 = 5040 (remember the 45 and 54 here?)

There are 3 holy keys: 52,36 and 56,25 and 31,25 and they add up to 13986 (see article 3 major keys).

There are 39 and 27 = 66 books in the bible, written by 33 people, 21 in the old testament and 12 in the new.

Of the 21 in the old testament 7 are mentioned in the new testament: Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea and Joel, and the numeric values of these names is 1554.

1554 times 9 = 13986

1554 times 39 = 60606

21 in the old testament 21 times 666 = 13986

12 times 666 in the new testament = 7992 x 4 = 31968

while “y h w h” is 1(0)656 ;

16 times 666=10656.

31986 – 3168 = 10818

31986 – 13986 = 18000

Keep this in mind: 108 and 18.

We now landed at the 666 again.

Or 600 3 score and 6.

So what is a score then? You can look it up, but they say it is 20, it is two similars! But you will come to see this yourself.

I also said in previous articles that there are cycles small and large, such as 36, 360 and 3600, and they are all placed on the 8 (the star of Bethlehem) and you also know that there are 3 of these 8’s, large and small.

Based on twice 288 making 576.

So what do the smaller or bigger cycles look like?

2880 and 288 or 288 and 28,8 yes only the moving of the decimal point, so let’s see 2880 + 288 = 3168 indeed the value of the lord Jesus Christ.

And 5760 plus 576 = 6336 or six hundred and 3 score and 6.

But also the twice 30 as mentioned in the article of Solomon

300 plus 300 is 600 and 30 plus 30 is 60 and 3 plus 3 is 6.

I like to leave this article with some other values of words for you to give them a place.

TRUTH = 64 CHAI means LIFE its value is 18.



Moshiya van den Broek