Spin around and you’ll be disoriented

After I say the physical and mental body are connected to our surroundings, such as the solar system and nature as a whole, and that we need to move with its flow, most of you will directly say “Oo yes I do and yes I am in tune with..” etc. But I will need to mention that it’s not as simple as you might think. So bear with me, as it will take a few pages to be able to get the bigger picture.

It is in time that the physical body exists and its energies are influenced by the movements of the planets and stars. Their cycles are effecting us because we are part of that one creation. Our bodies are made in accordance with the same blueprint that is all and in all.

Let’s look at your heart for a moment. On average it beats 60 times a minute, times 60 minutes for one hour is 3600 times. 24 hours in one day or one revolution of the earth equals 86400. 12 hours for the day 43200 and 12 for the night 43200.
You breath on average 15 times a minute, times 60 minutes is 900, times 24 hours is 21600 for one day.
Now let’s look at a scale above that of our heart and breath.
The sun has a diameter of 86400 x 108 is the distance from the sun to the earth. The diameter of the moon times 108 equals the distance between the moon and the earth.
The axes of the earth’s tilt describes a circle known as the great year 25920. This giant clock has 60 minutes so when we divide it we get 432, the 12 hour heartbeat as you may recall.
The earth is divided by 360 degrees. There are 60 minutes between each degree, 360 x 60 is 21600, the breaths in a day.
Each degree is 1,852, a nautical mile, and adds up to the circumference of the earth.
The tilt that plots the sky and zodiac signs 12 is divided by 27 (new testament). These are the faces (phases) of the moon, and I do not need to tell you of its influence on the body.
Now this great year is divided in 8 parts, 4 on the left and 4 on the right.
They last 1296, 2592, 3888, 5184 years in an ascending and 1296, 2592, 3888, 5184 in a descending way, added up 25920 years. Or 12960 on the left and 12960 on the right.
Now this circle with a circumference of 25920 has a diameter too, so 25920 divided by 3,1416 is 8,250.572956455309. But these are cubits, so multiplied by 52,36 equals 43200, yes there it is again, a diameter equals g-ds breath.

But here it comes, this straight line is being pulled by left and right, the (emotional) influences. As for those who have seriously studied the works recognize the tree in the 8 (the Kabbalistic tree). Yes, we are talking chakras, we are talking male-female, we are talking emotions, we are talking the star signs and planets, and our attachments and therefore the inability to reach Daath.
Yes, tree hugging is good, collecting angels cute, burning incense nice, but not even saying namaste to sound spiritual is going to get you there.
So when you wish to be in harmony, you’ll need to know the way.

All these cycles are spinning, and much like you spinning around your own axes causes you to lose balance, so does the world bring you out of balance.

The path is narrow indeed, like walking on the edge of a sword.
If you really wish to walk the spiritual path, then not just read the instruction manual but practise it, each and every moment so it becomes your nature, and spirit’s nature in you.
Be eager, make it your highest goal, do all you do with the practise in mind.

Looking for the instruction manual? It has Always been there, but you will need to open your eyes and not judge with that conditioned mind and heart, that rejects that which does not fit its own belief system and adds only to its own liking.


Moshiya van den Broek