The short route

I have shown you the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, whereas the tree of life has a middle line of 432 and a circumference of 480 degrees and the tree of knowledge has a middle line of 528 and a circumference of 576.

The height of the tree of life is 432 and it is made up of 9 x 48 =432. 10 x 48 = 480 and equal to the circumference.

The height of the tree of knowledge is 528 and it is made up of 11 x 48 = 528. 12 x 48 = 576 and equal to the circumference.

The circumference of the zodiac is 25920 “before the fall of Adam, 18”.

In this picture you see the hexagram, its flower petals are made up of the tree of knowledge. Only the circle above the word ZODIAC does not enter it. 5 do and the top one even reaches out of the zodiac.
I have to remind you that you’re also looking at an electromagnetic field and the vertical 1 to 9 x 48 and the 1 to 11 x 48 of the tree of knowledge. The loop you see sticking out should remind you of the 11 year cycle, solar flares and dark spots.
There is more to it, for example because it is shown vertical but the earth is tipped over by about 23.04 degrees. As you will also know volcanoes are like a belt around the earth.

Most people are driven by the tree of knowledge and are under the influence of the zodiac and there are 5 of the 6 that are moving through it, until of course you open the ark and let the raven go.

360 degrees divided by 3,1416 pi = 114.591291061
12 x 114.591291061 -=137.509549272. 360/137.509549272= 2,618
137.509549272 x 6= 825.057295632 x 3,1416 = 25920

Our body cannot tell the difference between actual bodily danger and the act of just “thinking” about a stressful situation. Even when it is only the mind that is occupied with these negations, the body prepares itself anyway.

Man’s own growth vibration is recorded in his auric field. The more advanced a person is in his knowledge, the shorter the wavelength and the higher the frequency. That vibratory level is made manifest in the voice, so the tone of voice indicates the level of spiritual development.
This vibratory level is evident in our reading level as well. When we read with comprehension, we not only see the printed word, we see the form of it in our mind’s eye and at the same time we are silently vocalizing the word and hearing it. Since each person comprehends at his own level of understanding, no two people can read the same passage and get the same meaning from it.

Thought always precedes action. The extent of our knowledge and all of our life’s experiences arise from our thoughts. We draw our opinions, beliefs, actions and reactions from this personal storehouse. The strongest influences are visual stimuli because they have an impact on our optic nerve which stores them in our pictorial memory garden. Every-thing we see and hear is impressed on our brain cells, which are living tissue. Our thought forms appear in our sleep, in our daily life, and they colour our reaction.

Now I’d like to move on to light.

The above is a part of the zodiac with the 2160 and the 720 ring otherwise known as the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 36 decans. But you can recognize Plato’s cave and the reflections on the wall, the points you see is your focus or the seeking of itself. Do you see the similarity? Both of the cave, and reflection of light?

In most religions there are many references to light, Ezekiel’s wheels within wheels, a light of emerald green, or jade in Buddhism. Please look up Job 8;16, Job 15;31, psalms 23, song of Solomon, revelations 4;3 and 9;4, often associated with sacred and immortality.
Even NASA tells us that green light is the energy of life, it fuels both the blood haemoglobin of humans and animals and the chlorophyll of plants and without it there would not be life. It is also linked to ATP, RNA and DNA and the production of serotonin.

So how does this all fit in in our trees in the garden? The bible also tells us that the rainbow was as a sign of his covenant. But there is also a mentioning of a candle that burns for eternity.

Let me first tell you a story. About 30 years ago someone asked me to airbrush his window to look like a stained glass window, much like you see in churches but with a modern touch. A morning sky with red and pink, a tree, birds and a man and woman looking at the sky. This window was in the conservatory and the light was a bit too bright for him during midday so by tinting the glass it would be less blinding, as he would like to sit in the conservatory with his plants. A few months later I visited him again and when we went into the conservatory I noticed one of his plants had grown so much that it nearly blocked all the light coming through that stained window I had done. He had his own theory for why this plant was doing so well, his breathing (as he always seated next to it) and having found the right way of feeding/watering it. But I wasn’t that sure about that as he looked after all its plants with great care and on the other side of the room there was a similar plant that didn’t grow as well as the one in front of the tainted window. It must be the light I thought. So I didn’t have a piece of glass in the workshop but I did have clear plastic that I used for covering the table top upon which I painted his window, and I had also used it to spray test the colour. I took it and placed 4 poles around a little patch of plants in the garden of a whole row of identical plants and indeed after two weeks it was clear they were nearly twice the size as the plants that were under normal light. I was clearly onto something. So I went to a company that made these plastic foils, who made me a role with that pinkish colour, and took it to a greenhouse company that grew Baccaras, a deep red rose with long stems, the ones they sell individually, and asked them to test it. A few weeks later I went to see them but saw they had removed the foil, it didn’t work? Yes it did, they really grew far bigger but it also altered the colour of the flower and they became lighter in colour, but they wanted this deep red. So I thought it might be that the plastic filters out and, as a barrier, reduces the amount of light of the other spectrum. So I went to a lightbulb factory. To make a long story shorter, it’s the gas in the bulb that determines the light colour/spectrum. Now until today the lightbulbs used in green houses are still the same as the ones used in streetlights. Even the new generation light diodes are not optimized at best red and white. I did also find out that millions of years ago plants that are still here today were massive trees, but now are bushes. Not just plants but animals too were far larger. So this means that the gasses in the atmosphere in those times must have been different, at least its ratio of the spectrum.

There is another phenomena, in some countries the blue pool covers deteriorate rapidly during certain times of the year, this means that it also relates to the angle of light.

And here it becomes interesting, so let’s have a look at the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, ultra-red or indigo. When you take white light and shine it through a prism then each colour bends in a different angle.

red and violet is 180
orange and indigo is 180
yellow and blue is 180
green is the odd one out with 90

Now 180 degrees is the horizontal line and 90 is the right angle vertical. Are you getting the picture? The cross, all on the horizontal plane, like planets, moons, and in the galaxy, solar systems.

The blue disc here is where matter is formed, and the vesica north and south the energy.

The decans divide the zodiac in the 4 corners or quarters and the 12 solfeggio numbers. Now I want you to look up Ezekiel and see if it becomes clear what he describes with his wheels within wheels.

And finally: the menorah!

The hexagram and the centre light and the 6 horizontal lights.

Now do not think that this means you have to sit under a green light. See that light that comes towards you is blue, and that goes away from you is red. Like future and past, where green is the present and the ability to grow. It is what causes ATP. ATP is like a battery storage for cell energy.

While the upper leafs of a plant absorb most red and blue light, they transmit more green light to lower leafs for photosynthesis. Since red and blue light are absorbed more strongly by photosynthetic pigments than green light, they are predominantly absorbed by the top few cell layers, while green light can penetrate deeper into leaf tissues.

Now here again consider the left and right, the right and left with green in the middle. So going deeper within, up the tree and down to its roots. And meditation, and where you become no body. Not nobody but NO body.


Moshiya van den Broek