The heavenly language

and the language of a thousand faces

The reason of writing this article was not the question what my estimation of when the peak population occurs is, because I do not occupy myself with predicting, so when asked I will carefully focus and at the same time ensure it does not lead to feeding ego’s legion. So for that reason we will go into the heavenly language, that first language that is the source/root of all that followed.

We all know by now that the tides are cyclic, the sun, the moon, the seasons including the bigger one, the zodiac cycle. And for some of you who did study the articles, the wheels within wheels and the sign for an eternity, the eight on its side, a loop turning back on itself.

So looking at it there are two things we need to take into consideration, the zodiac and the sparks,  25920 and 288. Now if we take 10 x 288=2880, -2592=288. This means that 25920 is 9 x 288  and 8 x 288=2304, a cyclic movement too.

But if we divide 25920 by 288 we get 324.0 and you have seen that the height of the tree was 432, its mirror 234, together 666, and 324 added is 990. Now currently the population is around the 7.79 billion and expected to be 8.18 by 2025. That means we reach the 8 billion around 2023.

So when we look at the quantity aspect of numbers, as we are used to, lots of the deeper knowledge is lost. It is therefore important to pay attention! Like the Egyptian hieroglyphs it’s a pictogram type of language too.

Adam Kadmon, the heavenly Adam, the 1 and two spherical halves, the spine and left and right brain, his value is 18. The one, Aleph, 5/5, and the male and female 4 & 4=8. So when G-d took a side of Adam to make Eve, he clothed them with the 4. 45/54.
Then the eating of the tree of knowledge took place and they were ashamed and covered themselves. This covering has a value of 27. So 18+27=45.

Now the animals is 101, 45 is the human, 101-45=56, the hex/penta +54=110. The one has done its cycle and is 10 next to the father 100.

So that spark (18) was enclosed in matter/darkness like stars in the night sky. So g-d seeded the darkness and shines its lights upon it from the out so the within can eventually meet up. But as humanity is focused on the outer world and mirrors that in his inner world he keeps his inner light imprisoned. So the rainbow is there to remind us of the seven outer lights of reflections and the three within. When they are like one it outshines all these outer ones and by its might turns them white. The light that is g-dly.

So there is the one light and that which is divided. Just as the 1 divided by 7, just as love and wisdom. When divided we get emotions and fragmented knowledge. 37 & 73 wisdom, a cube of 27. And the value of genesis is 2701. Many will be familiar with this. So when you speak of seven heavens think then of the seven and seven of the double letters like mirrors. But take them not as food to feed the animals. I do not speak from books copied, I do not speak from mirror reflections, but I was given a new name, a letter added. 

The 7 electromagnetic wave patterns are the outer ones.
The 7 heavens are described in great detail in the Ascension of Isaiah.

x 12 =137,509549272
x 6 =825.057295632
8250.57295632 x 3,1416=25920
1375.09549272 x 3,1416 = 432
432 x 3,1416= 1357,1712 times cubit 52,36=25920.

The zodiac, the circle and the trees, their branches and flower petals all follow the same rules from above to below. All harmonically as the 360/pi x 12, as in zodiac signs, is 25920.
These 12 divide the circle. 360 degrees and the diameter shows you the ratio in degrees.
The cubit is 1/6th of PI, the golden ratio 5/6th of PI. The 9 step musical ladder of 432, which is the height of the tree in the garden, is a division of 9×48.
First point on top in the hexagram is 48, the second is 96 where the pentagram point ends in the hexagram. It is called Da’ath and is the 33rd path so 33 x 96= master of both worlds, 3168.

So each expression of the golden ratio seen in this world is a reflection from above.

Moshiya van den Broek