The K.O.E.

NOT the theory of everything but the knowledge of everything is what we strive for.

There are some connections in present day insights of scientists and those who I’d like to call free thinkers. With free thinkers I mean those who have not studied along a fixed pathway, who have their own theories based, of course, on personal ideas and personal interpretations, which by their life’s paths have coloured their viewpoints too but are somewhat more flexible if it feels right. Scientists in general do not cross that line when it comes to evidence. It must be measurable otherwise it’s a theory and it must fit into their existing general ideas, which are not always scientifically proven but kind of accepted, like Hawking’s black holes, Einstein’s special relativity etc. And if it even reeks of the nonphysical/ spiritual they will walk away.

But science does not deal with the question of cause or purpose. That is after all religion. But after the spooky action at a distance and the double slit experiment the idea arose that consciousness itself was the cause of the effect. At first they hoped that they could explain it by the interaction with the measuring instruments but in later tests they were able to avoid such interaction. But there it ends, other than some of them saying it’s the material world that leads to consciousness, and therefore a local thing somewhere located in the brain. But that calls into being a few other questions. OBE’s, near death experiences and remote viewing for instance. Some like near death experience and the tunnel, that so many experienced, they tried to push aside as a chemical reaction etc. But they were never able to come up with any evidence for it.

Lectio divina.

A special way of reading, something I have mentioned before. Let’s see if there is historical evidence of such practise. The lectio divina (“holy reading”) is a Latin phrase referring to a method of prayer developed by the Fathers of the Church and inspired by the Judaic model PaRDeS. It is an exercise in spiritual reading. Starting from the reading of a text of a spiritual nature, the Bible, the psalms or the works of Christian authors (lectio), it continues in the reflection on this same text (meditatio), continues with a dialogue with God (oratio), ending with a silent listening to God (contemplatio). The lectio divina is practiced alone or in prayer groups. Now why do I mention all this? You will recall the practise of looking at a past emotional experience  but doing it like looking at someone else, this to prevent you to see that event through the eyes of emotions and therefore not being able to see the truth of that situation, but only the way you saw it. So when the attachment is less your vision is a bit wider and includes more details.

Now you have seen a bit clearer into your past (through the practise) and at the same time experienced the persona having a different agenda than what you deeply wish for. That it’s this habit nature that is seeking of itself, and when this animal nature doesn’t recognise of itself it fears death.

So we can go a little deeper again, as everything you pay attention to has an emotional value connected to it, be it items or situations. And paying attention is equal to focusing and you know that focusing is identical to narrowing. That does not say that the whole is not stored, because it  has been. But you call that the subconsciousness where you do not have clear access because the puppets focus its received light onto that what it “thinks” or is most equal to the value it has given to the situation or object its light falls upon.

But the light of the flame in the back, behind the puppets, shines its light on all that is in the cave and is even aware of the light that enters the cave from outside the cave. In other words that light that can’t be seen but sees everything. It illuminates, makes clear, conscious awareness. So in a similar way a photographic memory works, one focuses less on the individual words but on the whole page. Except that one can see intent and purpose too including the very structure/path it follows to reach its goal. Now that you are aware of ego’s intent and its inability to see right from wrong and that all it looks for is its animal nature survival, whether you suffer or not and that it is  the feeder of your thoughts and feelings, you can start looking at the past without ego’s interpretations. When it sets thoughts or feelings in motion you can see them for what they are and not give them your attention nor draw your focus.

So clearly it is not by intellect, who’s tools are those that personality has collected.  Again, let me make clear that the soul is that light that really illuminates, brings to light. Call it insight, a moment of clarity. But such moments many have experienced, in its rudimental, fragmented way.  One conditioned persona quickly seeks to place it in its own limited understanding, so it draws it down through its animal puppet mind and heart.

The light that illuminates is so powerful that it would blind or even kill you as its light shines right through all and every-thing. So curtains are placed around it. These are the veils you have to pass before you can see beyond the persona view. But the treasure or holy grail, the ark of covenant, is even covered by a second curtain. And as you know only the high priests can enter it. Now you have the offering of the animal or the raven in Noah’s ark, then the first tent and finally the inner tent where only the priests with the breastplate can enter. This breastplate is of course the balanced male and female forces, the sefirot and its their qualities risen from the ashes of the offering of that lower self, the ego. During this process of the revealing illumination we come to see the love and beauty in its meaning and purpose of the unseen light that illuminates all. And in thankfulness and love, in forgiveness and compassion we treat all in this world as all is made for that one purpose. Because such a heart is the safeguard to enter the inner temple.

These articles, like the Zohar, do not speak of this material world but uses it. Like the stories of the ark of Noah, the animals etcetera as a physical expression of a spiritual principle. just like it placed you in it so you will eventually wake up into it.

So by reading the right way you not only plant its light in the “sub”-conscious but in your conscious mind and heart also a new world will start opening up to you that reveals the true nature behind everything. Then you do not look at it, the light of love and wisdom, but you see through it into this world.

Buddha gave great warning too, as on this path one can find many pearls, often also expressed in alchemy stories where someone wants a grain of the philosopher stone and not wait for the alchemist to return. No patience, because ego can make use of it and enslave you again. So is it any clearer to see that one really needs to walk the talk before one can enter the kingdom?

Rabbi Shimon taught to us in the Zohar, the distance to Heaven is 500 Parsans, the big 5 that enters the six above, the two doors, which I have shown several times in numbers too. Just as there are two tents, just as there is the seeing at the light, the beauty in his works, and the seeing from the light. Just as having to go through the tree of knowledge to the tree of life. The first veil is that of the mirror, above is 480, below is 840.

So both number and letter and geometry are required, and all are found within. And this is the way into the first tent. The second and holiest of holy where the fire of wisdom burns, the flame of love, the true light shines forth.

Remember it is not found in searching and most have walked right past it in their search, just as it could have been the stranger in the bus. But everyone thinks he has a piece or the ability to see the truth. No matter how much intellectually gathered, no matter how many books one has studied,  the moment you focus with that intellect you narrow the picture to a pixel. You are unable to see the whole. Similar in this world when with the right practice we can make use of what they call photographic memory. Because with your focusing with your belief you only see that which you know by its selective nature. Because you may not have registered anything outside your focus but internally it did, but you can’t recall it. There are so many who consider themselves as enlightened, one guru after the other, be it Oshi, Tolle or others, having or have had a few clarifying sparks in their moments of stillness, but just as you they cannot say they are awakening because they are finding out what the governments are planning something or/and lied about it etcetera.

Even on this side there are several shouting out they got T.O.E., the theory of everything, yes, a theory but of this world of matter. They talk about where they take their security for their claim is but the outcome, the effect of another one they cannot see. Here the two doors are too. The 3D finds its cause in the 2D who in turn finds his in the one that is unified, that we call aether, each point the zero or seed that holds a tree within it.

The art of listening is already lost to most, their thinking engaged the moment the first thing is uttered, if not already in defence or attack moments before the other even started.

Others just try to please all of them to get a thumbs up in a lack of self-esteem. That’s how ego works, because now you keep him alive by feeding him being its slave. We can stuff ourselves with knowledge and at best that makes us a library. This world is the hologram of the 2D encoded plates.

The tree of knowledge is the 96 that which stands for the revolutionary change the Yin Yang as 576 in cubit is 3015936 /3,1416 = 96.000000, the wheel of change.

And 480 x 52.36 = 25132.8 / 3,1416=8.0000, the wheel of eternity. 31416/251328= 219912 = 42 also to be found in the name value in the Thora. And 219912/3,1416 = 7000.

Aleph is one, but it’s also 55. Now if that one divided itself by 55 we get 0.01818181818….. if we then multiply 18 by 288 we get 51.84  and 51.84 x 500 = 25920.

A Parsan is equal to 51.84. Now 51×84=42.84 and 42 is also found.

The complete gematria of Abraham and Sarah bonded together is beautifully 840, or 10 times Enoch (84), and (20 x 42). Abraham, the 20th generation, corresponds to the fully empowered spelled out Yud (יוד) times the 42-Letter Name. Again, we are seeing power and destiny in the union, this time with Sarah, who was also barren. The Torah is clear that we are seeing the hand of the Creator in this as well. Enoch (84) was Abraham and Sarah’s forefather 13 generations earlier, and Shem (שם) was Abraham’s forefather and teacher. The numerical value of Shem (שם) is 340 and his father, Noach was 500 years old when he was born, hence 840. Shem was also 500 when his son was born, 840 again.

There is the concept of duality. The snake and Moshiach have the same gematria, 358. In the upper world they are at opposite ends of the spectrum yet the same, but in our world that concept is preposterous. With a little knowledge we see that the complete value of Moshiach is (358 + 52) = 410, as in Holy and the Triplet Shema (שמע), while the snake is (358 + 43) = 401.  What we do not have enough knowledge of to comprehend yet is how both connect with the number 41, as in the ordinal value of Abraham, or that 401 is the value of (את), whose complete value is 424, Moshiach Ben David. This is why we were shown in the very first story of the Torah about Eve and the fruit of the Tree of life, that the snake is deceiving.

A concept they cannot really grasp is that the sefirot (dimensions) have polar opposite ends yet are one.  For that concept we are shown a circle and a bar with two ends and a field called Pi that converts that 2-ended bar into a unified circle. The 9 on the in and the one plus zero on the out. 528-576 + 432-480, 96+912= 1008, 234+825 1059. 51 difference the two poles and the bar of Pi.  1/10=48 +=576 x 1.5=864, 576 x 5=288, 576 x 9 = 5184, 32 x 576=18.432, 45 x 576=25920 and  480 to 576 is two x 48 or 12×48 so the 10 sefirot of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge is 12 divided on the zodiac.

As 25920/12=2160 and 2160/48= 45. 45/3=15 or 72. 45 therefore is the little eye of the 576 or tree of knowledge. Now 2160/576=3.75 x 15=56.25 the ark of covenant. But x 12 =45.    
3.75 x 32 =12.000, 3.75 x 48= 18.0, 3.75 x 24.0=64 and 72 x 3.75= 27.

Now we use the 31.25. 375 /31.25=12 and  3.75 x 32= 120.

72/3=24 and 15 x 24=360 and 360/5=72 and 24 x 72=1728 x 15 = 25920. Now imagine the hexagram in the centre and the pentagram going around it. As petals of the flower, driven by the movement of the zodiac. Now if Adam was taken from the zodiac/paradise/animal garden and we divide 25920 by 01.8 we get the 144.000 but as both female and male 144 +144=288. The 288 sparks that were lost and need to be flowing back into the pentagram to rise above into heart of Da’ath.

Where the 3 come together in the heart.

Do not worry about understanding all the numbers but do try to see how these two trees are interwoven such as the height of the one is the circumference in degree of the other.
And taking it in without intellect trying to place it in his theory storage, without the animal, emotional attachments, but in thankfulness, love and compassion as it was given in the wisdom and love. Like storing truth so you may later share it also and by storing building the foundation.

Moshiya van den Broek