Healing and preparation

Most understand that in the world of duality there is another side to everything but is it really another side? Or is it part of the same thing? We can describe something but it needs the experiencer, just like a signal needs a receiver, a sender and creator.

Rene Descartes 1596-1650 said; cogito ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. But a thinker is not a knower but a searcher until “I am that I am”. I stopped thinking therefore I have become.

We see opposites. We have a circle of 360 as a closed loop but we know growth is like a spiral and if we take 137.5 and divide 360 by 137.5 we get Phi 2.618.

The following video shows that you need two frequencies, one high and one low, and the higher one must be 11 times the lower, the 11th harmonic.


Let’s see if we can find the technical side of the process of real healing. It has become a known factor that the healing frequency for DNA is said to be 528. Eleven steps lower means we divide 528 by 11 and it gives us 48. But pay attention! 48 is 1/9 of 432 and 528 is 11/12 of 576. As 10×48=480. Both our trees! And in a previous article I already explained the meaning of 96 as turning point and change. Well, 432+528=960. Now if you have paid attention the tree of knowledge, 576, is equal to 12 parts, these 12 are the zodiac, each a diameter circle of 216, male and female.

So if the snake is curled around the tree, 576, and we pi it in line 576/3,1416=183.346065699 x the cubit= 96.0, the 480 this way is the 8. The tree of eternity.

Now 2160, you the man and animal, you stood/stand as 2160/48=45 and 32 paths of 18 32×18=576. This healing which is in number can be done in a more mechanical way, the red pill, but it will not give you the insight nor will it give you the safe passage through. The reason for this is that we might make a few temporary changes or knock out the conditioning mind, or change the habits.

What is considered the subconscious mind is like a wide angle camera, it collects and stores all by conditioning/emotional attachment, by the thousands a second. You only collect what you focus on. So focus is at the same time a narrowing viewpoint like cutting out a face of a group photo. While the photo album and surroundings are all stored by that sub consciousness, it stores it by their emotional signature. Not by the ruler of wrong or right. Its awareness is a self-awareness of what it collected. So any sense of being comes through that and therefore seeks to fuel itself with itself for that sense of life through you. Whether it causes suffering or happy moments its instrument of course is feeling and thoughts. You all might know the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well a worry for tomorrow ensures its life for another day, feeling and/or thoughts. You only have to signal that you wish to walk and it will take care of it, no question asked. It will even make you jump if it recognizes danger on its path, even if it only looks like it. And because it guided you to a place or situation where it can feed itself through feeding you, you think it’s all your decision. Yes, each time we give in, he builds its power. We can change some of the habits it makes you hold on to into those that uplift you by being determined to hold on to a different action or routine until it has picked it up as practise that will come in handy at some point to it. As for every like there is a dislike.

So this storage of collected data is the data it can use to express itself and how it can make you feel. As long as you identify with him, the master of legion. I think, I feel, therefore I am (its slave).

But there is another that can use it all as well to guide you. But two things need to happen that he will fight against, to come to the realization that he, ego, is not you and not to blindly follow the thoughts and feelings he raises in you to do its bidding. Then in the stillness the light of the soul (if collected enough of truth, not what was searched for by his ideas) can then find of itself also.

And once he is transformed through the ashes he has risen again to serve his master. His will is your will.

So you can change a bad habit for another by doing the same new thing over and over, even if only a few minutes a day. But it doesn’t change the nature of the animal. The greater your ability  becomes to let go, the more true light shows the way instead of the dimmed light of ego by its own ideas. And its (ego’s) power can be seen even today, what consciousness can do and what ego does with it. For instance the placebo effect. Yes, when people are told this new pill works like no other and people get better even though it was just a sugar tablet, just because you believed. Just imagine what your mind does to your health when it is negative.

If it’s the subconscious that tells you that you are not good enough, and feeds your thoughts and feelings, then you are driven to failure as your thoughts and feelings guide you.

While you can alter this program it’s still conditioned through attachments born out of darkness, therefore to free ourselves we should free ourselves from these attachments.

Now these two pairs of spheres that make up the flower of life and what is referred to as pilot waves are what science calls wormholes. The spheres are our 3D experience of spiralling at the rate of induction called the speed of light, the long way around, while the short way is what they experience as the spooky action at the distance or near instantaneous.

This web of interconnectedness like the flower of life pattern of trees of life and trees of knowledge is mimicked as our brain and the neurons. The pattern that is identical in every scale, planets, galaxies, atoms and photons. Whereby the spheres are the material illusions.

Or black/white holes with their pilot wave tunnel. Much like the torus with its kundalini and aura field around it.

It’s your awareness, your consciousness level that determines its scale of growth and vice versa.

Moshiya van den Broek