The wisdom concealed in dreams

Is the heavenly wisdom concealed in earthly measure? In order to understand dreams, one has to understand that your light within, the soul, measures by heavenly standards with earthly tools.
So by the knowledge closest to it, it may recognize and express itself in dreams. If you read and act in accordance to the nature of the soul, the light within, all dreams become clear.

The heavenly wisdom that created this world did so in his image. In other words the blueprint shared with you throughout the articles is like computer programming that turns into the screen you watch. Therefore through the practise and study your dreams become more clear and when you then look at the screen you become aware of what the programmer sees in it.

Imagine being in Egypt or China and you hire a car and when you’re behind the wheel there is a button with an unfamiliar hieroglyph or Chinese sign and you have no clue of what it means. The moment you press it and the horn blows or wipers move you know what the sign stood for. So the dream is an expression of your daily passing or situation by means of familiar images. A bit like myth and metaphor, you may recognize the pictures but have no clue what the story is telling you.

This is very similar to the stories told in both the Bible and other major religious scriptures. You may think you understand the story of Noah’s ark with all its animals, you might even look for it on mount Ararat, but you have never realised that it’s an earthly expression of a heavenly principle of the animal zodiac, the effects on your life and how you follow it. Nor have you realised that the ark as vessel is the vehicle called the body, nor do you realize that the story being told is the revealing of the heavenly blueprint. Think of words as symbolism, metaphor and parable but on a different scale.

So by reading the articles the way it is explained and storing them, your soul then can express itself in a more direct way and you will grow in understanding them. Without growth you try understanding it by its material expressions, through its conditioned material eyes.

This is also true with the numbers and geometry, all you see is quantity and degree, not the quality and the path. While one might think he understands the numbers, like the sign on the steering wheel of the Chinese car that blows the horn when you press that button, but given a newspaper you’d still try to understand it by reading from left to right instead of from top to bottom. And all you can do is count the symbols and occasionally recognize the symbols of the horn.

Numbers are the heavenly language that shapes the world. So if numbers are not your thing then think of them in a different way as the world you live in is an expression of that heavenly language.

Moshiya van den Broek