The lost language

The first language, celestial or Enochian are different terms for the same concept. The language of god and angels. In the beginning god spoke the universe into creation, its letters that unlock the door to heaven were eventually engraved upon stone tablets. This language of god and the angels was called Loagaeth in Enochian. This language was known to Adam and Eve, and he was to give everything, including the animals, their true name by their nature, but it was partly lost when they were placed outside the heavenly garden. No longer could he speak with god or the angels but in order to communicate with his family he created the first human language based on his fractured and flawed memory of the celestial speech, one that has been unrecognizable today. It was 7 generations later that Enoch was  not only deemed worthy enough by the archangels to reestablish communication but to visit the heavens and to see the throne of god and to view the angelic choirs and the celestial tablets themselves. During this time he copied  part of them and was instructed to refeed it back into humanity.
366 of them, the 300 stands for the 3 layers and the 66 you have become somewhat familiar with. This language that describes earthly matters by their heavenly measures lasted until the intervention during the construction of the tower of Babel, where unworthy humanity who was driven by its animal nature tried to reach the heavenly garden and was scattered around the world where they established their own languages with the rudimentary parts they could recall. Millennia passed until the year 1582 when a pair of new prophets received insights from what they claimed to be angels.

These two were given the insights through some complex puzzles/anagrams. The first person was Dr. John Dee, who was a linguist and mathematician, navigator, inventor, astronomer and astrologer, the adviser to queen Elisabeth the first, and he was a devout Christian. During a meditation he was suddenly in the midst of a bright light and spoken to by angel Uriel who gave him a crystal sphere and he was told that by gazing through it he could establish contact with angels. Herein lies the root of the pictures of wizards gazing into a crystal ball.
He tried for many weeks yet failed, until a year later he met a man who introduced himself as Edward Talbot  but who was actually Edward Kelly. He was well versed in alchemy and both Greek and Latin, this partnership lasted for 7 years. They would often, daily, after fasting, prayer and meditation, gaze into the crystal ball. They made contact with the 4 archangels Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Rafael and through them they were given what is now called the Enochian language. Enoch the worthy one is the seventh generation after Adam and is said to have lived 365 years. He is the only forefather who has no recorded death in the bible. Enoch walked with god, and Enoch was not for god took him. While the book of Enoch was banned by both the Hebrew and christan/ Greek scholars they long sought for it until it showed up in the 1800’s in Ethiopia, 200 years after John Dee’s death. But while Dee asked for it from the angels he was given the tablets Enoch wrote upon what he witnessed during his visit to the heavens, in the language of god. In the shape of 49 leaves with 49 by 49 grid on each side of a leaf/page, with a 21 letter unknown alphabet. Dee was to continue where Enoch left, to bring this knowledge back to humanity and in 1848 he got his second revelation known as the 48 keys or the key. But he never fully comprehended, as his knowledge didn’t reach deep enough into the first language. One of the clues is of course the mirroring and Skiff, the reduction to single digit/letters and the steps in doing so that revealed the depth of the words and numbers, and the original grid which differs from only being 2D. Symbolised by the two sided grid, greater than 7 x 7 as Jesus already stated, 96 grids in total. And as you recall twice 48 is the turning point. 117649 symbols big.

Now pay close attention and look up Psalm 36.9 and John 4.14.
Now look at Da’ath as you recall the 33rd degree and crucifixion, now you see that its point in the centre is 18 degrees, and how far from the top? 23. I will get back to these two, have you looked up Psalm 36.9 and John 4,14?

Now the pentagram is created by dividing the circle in 15 pieces of 24 degrees.

The height was 432, if we add 18 we get the value for “human” which is 45. But if we take 18 away of 432 we get 414, the value of the fountain of life. And light is 207 in John 4.14 so twice light is 414.
So 432-18=414 (18 is the centre of the 36* point) while 432+18=45.0. Now if 45 is 6 feet as the Vitruvian man, then one part higher then 432+18=45 ( 45/18=2.5), 43,2/18=2.4, just one in between one that is 18, staff and tablets, where two sides of the 8 become one. 414. Therein lies the fountain of life, where your light also becomes his light, “as light sees it”.

If we take the circle with a diameter of 55 then 55 x 3,1416= 17.2788. Divided by 15 gives us 115,192. Now 3 such pieces equals 345.576.
The top circle is 17.2788, x 6, divided by 3,1416=33, so one 5th is equal to 17.2788/5 which gives us 345.576.
But when one circle is 55 high and two of them 110 then to create the vesica it’s 1.5 circle high so half 55 is 27.5  so 432 is also equal to 55+27.5=82.5. So if that is the height/diameter of the 432 then we take 82.50 x 3,1416 and we get 25918.2!!!!!!!

Remember 25920/3,1416= 8,250.5729564553093964858670741024. Rounding off that whole string with 18.

John 4.14: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

Factoring out the largest prime in the Number 207 yields 9 x 23, and the Number 23 is the fundamental Hebrew verbal root for Life: To Live. Chia = 23. Of course, this relates to the Source of Life through the ordinal values of the Aleph and the Tav: 23 = 1 (Aleph) + 22 (Tav).

The Number 9 in terms of the Ninth Sephirah of the Tree of Life – The Foundation (Yesod). Light (207) = The Foundation (9) x To Live (23).
Indeed, Light is the foundation of life! As it is written in John 1.3: “In him was life and the life was the light of men”.

The related adjective/noun  (Chai, Life/Living Thing) sums to 18. The Fountain of Life (414) = Life (18) x To Live (23).
The value of the Hebrew word “Fountain”: M’qur = 346.
“In thy light shall we see light” in exactly the same way as Light and The Fountain of Life: In thy light shall we see light, B’Aurkah Nirah Aur = 692 = 2 x 346 (Fountain).

Now scaling. Let’s take a circle with a diameter of 33. As we all know that his cycle ended at 33 and from there he rose again. This would mean he lived the tree of knowledge and moved onto the tree of life.
33 x 3,1416 = 103.6728, this is the circumference of 360 degrees so 1036728/360=0,28798 x 576 ”the tree of knowledge” = 165.87648 cubits so we divide 165.87648/52,36=3168.
So if the circle is 33 then to get to the tree of life we need to divide 33 by 2 and multiply by 3 so that they overlap and create the vesica piscis so 33/2=16.5 and 16.5 x 3 = 49.5 x the cubit 495 x 52,36 = 25918.2

Remember a circle of 55, divided by 2 is 27.5, times 3 is 82.5, x 3,1416= 25918.2.
And the difference between 55 and 49.5 = 55 (495+10=505). And the opening was one cubit and one black raven and white dove. When you have seen that one degree of the 33 was 0.28789  and 55 x cubit is 28789.
So the difference between 55 and 33 is 22, as in 22 letters. Now if we take one of the circles that fits 1.5 times in the larger zodiac circle ( 55 x 3,1416= 1727.88/15= 115.192) then that is equal to 22 x 52.36 = 115.192.

I do not have to mention that the bible contains 39&27 books and 3927 x the 66 books is 25918.2. So 55 + 33 +49.5= 137.5. Now if that doesn’t set the wheels (Fibonacci) in motion!

So if the vesica is 27,5 high then the circle is 86.394 and divided by cubits = 1.65 and if you look back you see that the tree of knowledge was 165.87648 and the height of the 33 eye was 1.65.
So if we take 16.5 x 3,1416= 518.364 and we divide that by the cubit we get 99, amen. The eye within the eye…..

Now back to the 25918.2 and its diameter.
259182/3,1416= 825.
25920  /3,1416 = 825.0.5729564553093964858670741024
The 0.57295…… is the 3 cubits.
Now we see 55 and 33 and 2.5. If 55 is a diameter we have to divide by 2 and multiply by 3.
1/3 is 27.5. The difference between 33 and 27.5 is 5.5, just as 33+22=55.

22 letters and it’s the 432 and 234, 1/9 of each and their difference that is 22. 48-26. Once you reach the 18 (remember what it stands for) x 22=396. The difference between 396 and 369 is the 27 of the new testament, the road you have (had) to walk. The 432 is of course the 9×48=432 and is 369.369.369 (the 48 is 4+8=12=1+2=3 etc.).

Wheels within wheels. While at this stage I am not going to draw it out and leave you to practise looking/seeing in stillness, I can give you a little hint, 216 is a circle of 3 times 10 circles.
So wheels within wheels is cycle within cycle. And there is the scaling I have explained a few articles ago. The eye within the eye.

But all these numbers might dazzle you, because you do not see it as a language yet, but that’s ok, you only need to go into it as far as YOU need it. What I mean is that unless you are able to see the source, the only way to get close enough for you to know it to be true so you will do what is required to see. Yes, you will have to sacrifice EGO to the fire, so you too will become a citizen of the new world. To recognize how perfect creation is brings you very close to where belief meets truth “half way”. So to practise this awareness and not be a slave is not this moment you set aside but a state of being as you do not know the moment the hammer will fall and in 3 days the curtain drawn you would not be ready because you believed more in the excuses ego made to hold on to him instead of the truth.

So please do not see it as a fearful thing, as not just your light will go out for 3 days so will it be for all others unless they already died and are reborn again. You have given it identity through attachment, he was your worker but you promoted him to be your master.

Moshiya van den Broek