Science shows how, religion why

Every so often science moves to the why but then keeps it in the how, in other words they bring it back to simply mechanical principles. Religion at times moves to the how but when it comes to the mechanical side they are quick to bring it back to why and place the how back into the mystery jar.

Those who start the inner journey often find themselves alone, even lonely as if they do not fit in this world, it’s when they discover the cuffs and shackles of enslavement that made them run in circles and start to see how the great majority are not even aware of their enslavement. And it doesn’t limit itself  to any particular group, from those of the highest ranks, the run major organisations, governments, the doctor, lawyer or lady behind the till. The emotional enslavements that are at the foundation of their blindness they do not wish to be part of anymore, don’t feel at home in anymore. So who can they communicate with? A real meaningful conversation? Even though they regularly still fall for ego’s traps. So in a way they feel trapped, between a rock and a hard place, they seem to be unable to hold on to the awareness that would prevent them from falling into ego’s traps, and it feels like a great effort that triggers frustration, like a piece of bubble gum on a piece of paper stuck to their shoes they can’t shake off.

But it’s part of the learning curve too. Because their focus was on disconnecting, on stopping to be identifying with this animal self (explained in other articles) they do not realize that these feelings of frustration is ego too. How can ego let go of ego? At some point they may even fall to the ground, I give up, I can’t, and pray for help. That is the prayer that counts because it comes from the deepest place in your heart, and only from there you can communicate. This low brings them to a new height. And it dawns on them that everything is really connected, just different expressions of the one, be it plants, animals, planets or humans. Whereas humans are the only creatures that are able to become consciously aware of that. Now what do you do when your arm is blocked from blood flow and sleeps? Do you hate it? Or do you try for as long as it takes to get the flow back into it? Perhaps you even realize the sleeping sensation was a warning sign, a kind of helping hand to ensure you don’t loose the arm.

As the truth is that all of it is you, made from and living in the one. So from learning what is not, you start to experience what is, that is the gift of god.

What is not and what is, living this truth is when that love is experienced and expressed. And how could there be loneliness in that? Even if you were the only one at present to experience this, like a mother who’s child tries to eat with a spoon but gets it all over her face gets encouraged to try until it has mastered it, like any skill takes time to master and perfect. Impatience is just another face of ego. Please do not forget, while unbeknown to impatience itself and unbeknown by frustration itself, without them there would not be a drive nor learning or growth. So be forgiving too,  empathy, a step in between towards compassion when love is experienced and expressed.

Phase one is becoming aware of that which is not you but thought you were. Phase 2 is becoming aware of the love that created you and should flow through you. Like love was the wisdom of Solomon, his guide and judge in all things.
Clairvoyance isn’t the ability to communicate with those who died as that feeds into the separateness  and desire of ego, but the ability to see like Solomon did.

When the full circle is made 360 x 52,36=188496 by the 48 and the great cycle 25918.2 by the 66 books 188496/48 is equal to 25918.2/66.  Then the outcome is 3927 (old & new testament), then the 48 has travelled the 66 and returns as 3168 (48 x 66), the turning point 96 as 33 x 96 =3168. And if you recall that the 288 sparks of the broken vessel have to be reunited 288/48=6, then the vessel can be turned around, the 6 into 9.

As you recall, Noah’s ark, the vessel, is you. Its measure is 23562 cubits equal to 45. The value of man 300 x 50 x 30 cubits of 52,36. So if we turn it round 23562/300 is 7854 and its deck has two floors 30/2=15. If 7854 is 2.5 cubit and 1,5 x 1.5 x2.5 is 56.25, equal to the Ark of Covenant that was on the ark, in other words in you too.

And if we take the zodiac 259182/7854=33 and 188496/7854 is 24. 24×33=792 =1/4 of 3168, what a blessing, that is amen 3168 x 31,25=99.00, and 259182/99=2.618, the golden ratio.
And finally the ark is 45 cubits so you travel the galactic zodiac 40 days and 40 nights or the 8.0. And that is of course the tree of knowledge as 25918.2/45=576.
His death and resurrection is written in the stars, just as his birth was.

Moshiya van den Broek