Six once, six twice, sold

Some will say that freedom of speech is needed and that it’s critical for society, democracy, learning and empathy, that the polarity makes us great. Almost like a quality needed to be a great nation, that it’s not a utopian world if we can’t accept darkness, as darkness is needed to for the light to be bright. And they go on to say that the night is darkest just before dawn. It brings texture to our life, literally saying that you need the bad smell to appreciate the good smell. But are we not talking about the tree of knowledge here?
While it’s true that we learned to find balance and the ability to walk through falling, isn’t it also true that having learned it we need not to fall again, and if we do, safe us from hurting ourselves again? We are talking about the nature of duality that matter is based upon.
If you sidestep from harmony then duality teaches you to return to harmony again.

Be in it, not of it. We have to rise above it.

Now let’s move to the quote by Nicola Tesla: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe”. Well I know and so can you, the previous articles have really given it away. The height 432/9: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 <0> 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 in reverse. The forces between them and the movement of the clock that describe the story that the cycle sets, and step by step we will go deeper into it.

But I like to go back a little further to the number centre of the Torah. As you know there are 304805 letters/numbers in it, “made with 39 sheep skins”, but I have also told you that the aleph tav, the alpha and omega do not belong to you, and traditionally they are not pronounced, so a 3 a zero 48 a zero and a mirrored 3 so that when you join these two 3’s, one mirrored, you get the shape of the 8, that of the tree. Within it and central to it and the Torah is 48 (you might have remembered that 304803 also revealed the 288 and 0,3125). Now the 18 that fell which made the cycle 25918.2 and if we divide it by the 66 books we get 39.27 equal to the 66 books of the bible, 39 in the old and 27 in the new testament. Not to mention which sacred secret 3927 holds but I am sure a few are starting to realize. And 48+18 is also 66.

Now who would it be that has lived through all of them? The one above 432? 432+48=480, the perfected 10. Or walk right past him and enter 12 of the zodiac 48×12=576. 

But back to who.
The 48 throughout the 66 books 48×66=3168
3168 and JESUS CHRIST. 3168, a number that is manifesting itself throughout all creation and the universe. When using the Greek alphabet in which each letter has a numerical value, the word “LORD” has a numerical value of 800, Kappa=20, Upsilon=400, Rho=100, Iota=10, Omicron=70 and Sigma=200. Adding all those sum up to the number 800. Using the same Greek alphabet and their same method for the word “CHRIST” sums up to 1480. When adding up all three, LORD=800, JESUS=888, CHRIST=1480, TOTAL=3168.
This number, 3168 is in all the universe and its creations. For example light travels from the sun to the earth a distance of roughly 93 million miles, the distance varies due to the earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun. But the mean distance that light travels from the sun to earth is 93 million miles. Using the Encyclopedia Britannica list the mean distance that light travels from the sun to each of our nine planets (dropping the zeros): Mercury…………..36, Venus…………….67, Earth…………….93, Mars…………….142, Jupiter………….483, Saturn…………..886, Uranus…………1,782, Neptune………..2,793, Pluto………….3,672=TOTAL 9,954. Therefore the combined distances that light travels from the sun to each of the nine planets is 9,954 (dropping the zeros). Think of this number as representing the giant circumference ball of our Solar System. If we were to draw a line directly through its middle, that line, its diameter, would measure 3,168. 3168 again. The reality is that the whole Solar System, of which man’s home is a small part, bears the number of its Maker, “LORD JESUS CHRIST”. Also consider that the place of Jesus’s birth is Bethlehem, Israel. What is Bethlehem’s latitude? You guessed it, 31.68 degrees North. In the Jewish bible in the book of Micah 5:2, “You Bethlehem Ephratah, you who are little among the thousands of Judah, out of you he shall come forth to Me to be ruler in Israel, and his goings forth have been from of old, from the days of ETERNITY”. In addition of the word “The Way” (Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”) the bible speaks of Jesus as the “Light” of the world and “Mary” touched by Holy Spirit who then bore Jesus. In adding the numerical value of the words, “The Way”, “Light” and “Mary”, each total to 352. Why is 352 significant? Because the Longitude of Bethlehem is 35.2 degrees East. Also if someone were to draw a square all the way around the circle of the earth, enclosing the earth within, the measure of the square or perimeter of square would be 31,680 miles. Those four numbers, 3168 are linked to more astronomical things such as the moon etc. but that’s outside the scope of this article.

I would like to go back to the 66 and the zodiac wheel in Hebrew Galgal, its value is 66. The word “Key” has a value of 528. The Greek 24 letter and Hebrew 22 letter alephbeth multiplied by each other is also 528. It’s of course Ezekiel’s wheels and wheels within.
“And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open”. The 7 pointed star and the great bear in the sky with 7 stars. Isaiah 22.22 and quoted only once in Revelations 3.7 that happens to be book 66. The 6 x 528=3168 (creation was finished in 6 days).
Mediator between God and men, Mesites Theou kai anthropos = 3168 = 6 x 528.

Now both trees consist of two overlapping circles the part that overlaps is often called the fish bladder (and fish), vesica piscis, but in the tree of knowledge one is smaller than that of the tree of life yet the six petals are made up of the smaller ones. When the letters/numbers are placed correctly then point and stem of the leaf/petal and the sides are numbered too.

Perhaps you might recognize a story of  fishermen casting a net here. One side 351, the other 153.

Now let me give you a short version of god creating. Just imagine for a moment that the zero, the point that is all 1D, is a circle or sphere and the zero is broken by 7 points that scatter the light, with the rainbow as reminder of it. These points like prisms breaking up that one. Bursting out into the void one by one creating in 6. From there it seeks to return and bows back on itself towards its point of origin and so a second string comes into being, one minus and the other plus, spinning back creating a torus field. This sequence first its radius/electric then circumference/magnetic (the 8 by two overlapping spheres).
The radius as said was 432 reverse 234 or 123456789 ending in the kombi that gives 369369369 and and 2+6=8, 5+2=7, 7+8=6 etcetera,  produces the periodic table, prime numbers, Fibonacci and Solfeggio sequence, DNA, etc. While there is a secondary step creating the 3 rings and a secondary numbering. This second set of “eyes” sees the material world, the first sees the nonphysical. And the first one has a circumference of 480 the other 576.
And if you look closely at the star of David in the flower of life, you see that the other pair circles around it but misses the one. 5 & 6. The one 8 has legs indeed, running in circles. The physical was final at day 6. The path 66.
One opposite the other, plus and minus, electric then magnetic, two vortexes either side. The leaf, petal, fish, etc. A 3D wave/spin spiralling outward to a greater sphere.

Now god said he would limit those who eat of the tree to 120, so if the king is above the 432 and 432 is 9 x 48 then 10 is the king who rules, therefore 48 x 120=576.0, the tree of good and evil.

Next I like to mention that unlike popular belief that aliens manipulated DNA so that “monkeymen” became modern talking human beings, if you understand all the above even if only in general and the expression “as above so below” and vice versa, then eventually there is a flip over moment in the order, as it turns out in the human genome research where it was thought we differ from monkeys as they miss this one thing that enables them to talk, they even pinpointed it.  They’re not missing one but there was a fusion in the telomere that made the difference. While they (the popular internet gurus) still think that they came with UFO’s and made slaves until one of them set them free through manipulating their DNA, it is really through this planned structure called creation.
Such a shift is to happen again. Just consider this, the monkeys are still here too and in an evolutionary sense you could say they were left behind. Where the animal nature runs the world it turns into a path of self-destruction led by a blind legion of emotions.

Moshiya van den Broek