Tick tock

You have seen the diameter of the zodiac as being 432 and seen its reverse 234 and how it makes up the hexagram and pentagram, how they are reflected in each other. Furthermore you were shown how the measures and story of Noah, the ark and the animals are a story of the universal construct, that the raven and dove are about the ego and being free from its control, that the enslavement and escape from Egypt, the journey through the desert and crossing are about the journey within and freedom, and that to know thyself really begins with knowing what you are not. You were shown the keys that rule time, ratio and path, and you were told the basics of the first language and that this knowledge was expressed in all major religions, myths and stories, from alchemy to the stories of the gods.
We have shown how it relates to the world of matter, the electromagnetic field, the holographic principle, aether, and we gave you a peek into the start from zero and the positive and negative 98765432<10>1234566789 and why nine is the highest, how it does not seek to return to one but to its origin at the centre.
You have seen science in its search for answers to take away the uncertainty and ended with probability at best with their interpretation of Schrödinger’s cat.

When the basis of the tune is 432 and the height is 9 as highest reachable then 432 is to be divided by 9.

432/9=48 4+8=12=1+2=                          3
48×2=96 9+6=15=1+5=                           6
48×3=144 1+4+4=                                    9
48×4=192 1+9+2=12=1+2=                    3
48×5=240 2+4=                                        6             remember those?
48×6=288 2+8+8=18 1+8=                      9             and this?
48×7=336 3+3+6=12 1+2=                      3
48×8=384 3+8+4=15 1+5=                      6
48×9=432=                                                9

That is your famous 369 code. But what goes up must come down.
In mirror image 432 234.

I do not have to remind you that the 5×48 and 6×48 are the 240×2=480 of the circumference of the tree of life and 6×48=288×2=576, the tree of knowledge, and the 25920/45 and 25920/54, the entering and leaving of the ark of Noah along the galactic ocean with its animals reflected in it.

It not only reveals how from the ain soph the electromagnetic field comes into being and from there matter. All plotted out letter by letter. All without one iota out of place. Are you repeating history and make the same mistake again? Placing your knowledge above his wisdom? I will remind you, you were told but didn’t want to listen, you even ignored. The measure is not of intellect but of the heart. Intellect is only to bring it about, not to rule a purified heart. This time there is no restart, no next time.

48×66 the realization of all the books 3168.

He who stepped out of the ark 54×48 25920 at the end of the cycle. Free from riding his sign 48×45=2160.

The pendulum is the point of the pentagram that reaches Da’ath.

The two legs of the pentagram are 4×24 degrees =96. And from 13 to 3 is 5×24=120.
So the steps you make determining the change 96 and the outcome in 120.

But this sequence of 48 and 26 are also the vortex math/frequency that makes the universal torus of creation and the electromagnetic field.

Now the tree of life is 432 high, one below 480. And 576 is 12 times 48 as in the zodiac, the lost 144 souls.

Moshiya van den Broek