How to stay afloat when the boat is sinking

If you need your business to flourish create a need, that’s the motto of the commercial industry. In politics they openly use spin-doctors either to cover up or to make the wrong look good, or in the worst case for damage control.
In the commercial industry they use them too, but under a different name, marketing specialists. Create a virus so you can sell an antivirus, or create something that needs to be replaced frequently. Their main tool is your emotions.
The side effects? A heavy burden on the environment, a society of the have and have not, a depletion of natural resources, a shortage is often also used to drive up prices, to name but a few.
But you still remember the old washing machine that lasted 20 to 25 years and could be fixed. People that fixed things instead of replacing parts if that happens at all, more often than not you’re told it’s not worth it and you need to replace it. Not to mention the fact that those commercial spin-doctors make sure that if you don’t keep up with the latest models then not only will it break down, but that you will be looked at as a pauper or fool, a weird old fashioned individual.

But imagine a world where quality and longevity were the drive. Oh, but then we would run out of work! We would only have a few days of work, how terrible would that be? Education would have to change, production would share a lesser burden on the environment, there would be less greed, envy, desire, fear, frustration, worry, and a bit more satisfaction. Even wars would end if the good for everyone is considered. No, who would want to live in such a world….?

Science started out that way, but nowadays they too have fallen under the spell of the commercial spin-doctors that go as far as financing politics in exchange for the laws and means to play out their games. We all know the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the banks, the weapon industry, car- and big building companies.
Science is now driven by commercial value, funds and jobs are more important than the common good. The knowledge made available would safe them trillions and trillions, energy that could be placed in the good for all, not wasted in dead-end roads of research just to keep funds going.
Over the last decade they have been looking for particles to pair up with neutrinos, electrons, bosons etcetera, but not a single shred of evidence has ever been found. String theory is still ongoing but no shred of evidence. The big bang doesn’t solve their riddle either so new and more, no, even an infinite amount of dimensions is theorised to try and close the holes in their theories.  A bit of a male animal attitude if it doesn’t work the first and second time, then force it instead of looking for another way.
The principle of black and white holes, of circles and spheres, of atoms being like miniature black holes and their half-life, their release of photons etcetera, the blueprint of creation is now starting to be copied. But see if they make it sound as a newly discovered or more naturally fitting theory that opens doors to new funding and then make sure to show only a fraction of it so to be able to get all sorts of means and budgets to enrich themselves, keep their jobs and get Nobel prices to feed their pride.

Publicly ignored, behind the scenes dissected, copied and dressed up as if their own. But not fully comprehended. .

So do you want to live with far less stress, worries and more time to enjoy life but do not know how to fight this big corporate wolf that lives of your fear, worries and insecurities? Because in all honesty they can because you let them, then the only way you can is to make this knowledge experienced knowledge within yourself, and exchange the emotional blindness with the love and care for others so the others can love and care for you too. Make the world know, make your world know because that is the biggest gift you can give, the truth that is in you too.

A life and lives were offered for your sins because you didn’t know. What excuse do you have now when your day comes? The day of ignorance is gone, being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe but with the level of self-knowledge and the action upon it.

Moshiya van den Broek