The bible can be seen as a sundial and without a guided light of the sun it never reveals the time nor its place, not even if the artificial light of intellect shines on it.

All numbers are entangled in accordance with the blueprint, there is order where previously it was not recognized. All related to the 1/7 and for instance prime numbers and solfeggio sequence  in a perfect whole. I have shown the sphere and cube, I have also mentioned that HE rounded it off, so he finished with the circle. Now you can draw a cube/square in a circle, a sphere within them and within them etcetera,  but there are two pairs of overlapping circles. While the diameters of the circles are the same, the ratio of overlap differs, divided by 3 and multiplied by 2 and divided by 9 and multiplied by 5. So there are two number spirals where at one point they too overlap in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence.

Now I do realize that if you just walked in, you would not make heads or tails of it, so keep  the two trees in mind and the snake. I’ve also explained the 432. But they in turn are made up by its 9 steps, 432/9=48.

And the centre of the torus is two directional, just like on the outside with positive and negative. As we draw a line from A to B, nature draws it two directionally. Like 123456789 0 987654321, do you see  how the first added to the first of the second part makes 1, as it does with the next pair? But this 1 to 9 is also 432/9=48, 96, 144, 192, 240, 288, 336, 384 and 432 and they are also 4+8=12= 1+2=3 and so the sequence of 369.369,369 and as you know the diagram of the hexagram/star of David and the solfeggio sequence and the prime numbers. Now this entanglement is of course related to the entanglement of wave forms/frequencies and creating the atoms starting with the first 4, hydrogen etc. But also sequences such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, where 16=1+6=7 making 124875124…… repeating itself. Just as in the Fibonacci the principle started with the 1 divided by 7, the light, the star of beth le hem. The two overlapping circles here are 2D but as torus they represent an electromagnetic field package. The tree of life of two overlapping circles is one package called a photon in its Planck scale. In its centre and as its centre, fractal by nature pervading the whole of space, the seed potential.

A sum and its answer neatly locked in to each other, what even the best computer would take thousands of years and the reason they use encrypting to safe guard for instance banking or army coding. But this construct or blueprint shows it can be done in a few simple steps.
But this picture will likely not show up in your mind’s eye as of yet, see it as a safety precaution and most certainly it would cause chaos in the hands of hackers  and the like. So only in a global cooperation with the intent to build a different world that is not based on inequality, greed, lust, fear etcetera can this become common knowledge.
And for the true goal, your ”personal” growth/elevation, we can even leave it out and use the more direct insights that enable you to see if you follow the practise. But let me simplify it somewhat. A wave has a high and low and a centre line, now creation has two directions emanating from its centre, one negative and one positive. So if we have 123 we would have the reverse on the other side so 321. Add them up and you get 444. In the case of 432 its 234 add them up and you get 666. Now the Fibonacci has an ever growing number, but when we reduce the larger numbers to its single digits we recognize a 24 repeating pattern, and if we see that 12 of them are mirrored on the first 12 it reveals another thing, like in the case of 12345678987654321 added up is 111111111, the middle line. Two forces creating a third.

The aleph tav is like Aarons staff or snake, the universal or personal kundalini, curled like a snake, called aura. In it, how darkness becomes light, the blueprint that is reflected in and as this ”world’s”. While more as quality than as length its 432 and its reflection 234 so  we are blinded and able to return to light 432+234=666. 55 in its centre 55=1 and the 8. 18 the value of man, the animal nature and one. But when he has then balanced on each side 18.81 the two become one, 181. 666-181=485, the eight in between the four and five as in the ark of Noah as it contained 8 persona and the laws and of course the zodiac lies around it, the two trees 88.

Where is it hidden? Before the fall of 18 it was 25920, after the fall is was 25918.2 and it was divided by the two trees in the centre. One took half of Adam to create Eve and the same took the other for him, the animal nature with its habitual nature. But the seed was of g-d and he sealed it. 25918.2/88=294525 and what do we carry in that special place within, in our temple? The holiest of holy 1.5 x 1,5 x 2,5 =56.25 cubit, the holy grail! 56.25 x the cubit 52,36=294525. 

We may think that insights comes from observing outside, but that endlessly circles around. Insight mean just that looking within, then you can look out there and recognize him in everything. So after circling around the long way home, there is a short way, from tav to aleph, the trees 480 and 576.

I’ve given in a few different ways but because we talked about the Mazzaroth or zodiac 25920 (before the fall) divided by 45, ark Noah is 576, the tree of knowledge. But we enter 4 to 5, we leave 5 to 4, from right to left and left to right so 54, therefore 25920 divided by 54=480, the tree of life.

The diameter of the garden is 432 cubits. 432 x 3,1416 (pi)=135,71712 divided by the cubit is 2592.0.

As 432 is its height then 432/3×2=288, the diameter of a circle that shares its centre with the other 432/3×2 and creates the vesica piscis or mercy seat 144. Its total circumference is 480, the tree of life. Each cup of the circle overlaps at 240 degrees, but if we change the 240 by that bent road you took its two circles would join at 288 making its circumference 576, the tree of knowledge. I’ve shown this with 45 and 54.

The cup/vessel that broke into 288 sparks/degrees. Your cup that couldn’t hold the light. The one that was a direct line of 288 became the bent or long way home. The tree of knowledge, made internally of two pentagrams mirrored. The tree of life, a pentagram by its 24 degrees markers and the hexagram with its 60 degrees divisions with its 6 days, completion of the circle.

These are the outlines  of the story. We can build up a little further but keep it to its first layer for now. The Torah was made of 39 sheets of skin. Because it contains the laws and what was to follow. 39 books in the old testament followed by the 27 of the new testament, a story of the 12 in-between. All 66 books from right to left and left to right from 45 to 54, from 576 to 480. It was written after the fall 25920-18=25918.2 divided by 66 books is 3927. But what about the 22 letters? 25918.2 divided by 22 is 11781. And if this is central then it must be central in us so 11781 as centre makes the whole twice its length, 11781×2=235.62 and you as the ark collecting the animals of the zodiac in pairs is 300x50x30=45.000 cubits so 45 times 52,36 is 235.62.

Before the fall Adam was divided, 18, so 25920/22 is 111718,181818… and its light weakened as it became enclosed.

Now we could move to finer detail, even move to the world of matter or from where and how it came into being, or all its integrate details, without one iota out of place. But do not reject or accept because I say so or because you do not wish it to be true but check it, draw it, let your by chance calculation loose on it, it’s a truth never told. If you’re looking within, if your INsight was or is great enough you’d recognize the masters hand. Every single detail. Let me tell you many continue to juggle without the construct from where it comes. Secondly they refuse to accept the new testament. Then there are those who take the rabbinic comments as the only reliable source,  but they too kept things hidden, the pearls and pigs.

The language, the heavenly one, pure, was what gave shape to the world. So the outer story is like a mask too that hides the whole face of truth. It wasn’t made by man but man with this wisdom named, expressed it in relation to its material expression. All this with the construct in mind. So a vessel as made in heaven isn’t named after its material expression but the other way round. Once this is understood you may gain insight into the true nature of things. Not only can one then read the story in number and geometry, but in purpose too.

If this last paragraph is really understood, then you come to realize it can’t be found in searching. If you look for wholeness then how do you recognize it? By your idea of what it should look like?

Someone gave a comment to what I wrote: You see right into the eyes of the Spirit, but you also effortlessly allow it to stream into the thoughts of others, reflecting their own truth back unto them, in a different light, so as to connect them with their inner self. It is like a free flow speaking therapy of Light and Love….. But I do not look spirit in the eyes, I look through the eyes of spirit. Each day I hear o yes, I look within, they say they look at feeling etcetera, but that feeling gave you the eyes you are looking through. All you can see that way is its mirror image. And how can you see the essence of things while all you have are senses that are made to see the outside world? Yes but I listen to my feelings  inside they say, but feelings do not even have direct contact with the outside world, they get it already translated through the physical world. No telescope or microscope, no matter what magnification, can ever see the cause behind all that is. Yes, you can see the Fibonacci sequence, perhaps the solfeggio sequence and perhaps the cycles of the stars and seasons in your life, you may even believe there is a soul, some even say they have one! But I tell you, you do not have one, it may reside in you, but you do not own it nor do you know it! You could, but its light is too bright, you can’t see it in the face. It burns away darkness, all that you’re attached to and identify with. It’s there where the life force is consumed, broken in all its 7 different colours, masks. So the narrow path within takes clearing of its obstructions and then a few qualities joined as one enables you to enter the temple and take place on the mercy seat. When we mix these colours to our liking then like paint it turns black. But if we mix 3 colours of light it turns white. So if you wish to take that inner path, willing to give up what keeps you from seeing truth, then you can start with a compass, ruler and square, draw and measure the blueprint I’ve given you. And read the articles, not with intellect but as if you have exams and need to remember it. Open, without mind interrupting, do it with a heart filled with love, full of thankfulness and let the light in you recognize itself so it may carefully reveal itself to you. But you  might find it hard to be still, your mind and emotions fear that stillness in which they grow hungry and come up with so many reasons to draw your attention. So there is one more step, one that shows you how it really works in you, and the splinters or beam in your eye and how to remove it.

But the closest you can be to start with is god’s blueprint, the trees, as all that is not will weigh you down when the moment comes you have to rise and it may be sooner than you think, the door doesn’t open until you’re close to it and know its password.

Each circle of diameter 288 makes 1.5 turn to complete a zodiac circle. Two such 1.5 and a circle of 2.5 diameter makes 78.54.

1.5 x 3,1416= 47124       1,5 x 3,1416=47124       and 2,5 x 3,1416=78.54
259182/47124=55.0     55.0                                      259182/7854 = 33
47124= 9 cubit                + 9 cubit                             7854=15 cubit  9+9+15= 33

One up one down  – 987654321<0>123456789+

7854/33= 238, the value of the mark of god (Hebrew), the value of Krishna (Hindu), Higher self, beam of light, he rose, lucifer.
1297 (1296.999999999999999 half way) (Hebrew) is 1728 (English), 288 in simple Gematria.

Its meaning value is the key that opens all doors, at last you found me, the reconciliation of spirit and matter, king of glory feed my sheep, the labyrinth is the matriarch, Lion of the tribe of Judah, the wisdom of kabbalah.

1296/3=432 +234=666+324=990 amen, aum. 

So we know who, but do we know when? That is central in the bible. Central to the bible was also the centre of the ark of Noah 23562/2=11781. And as we dealt with the 7854 we can deduct it 11781 – 7854=3927 which is indeed the 39 of old and 27 of the new testament. So 11781 and a cycle is 117810, the zero of the ain soph, the no-thing that is the source of all. 11781+117810 is equal to 3927 x 33.

This answers you who and when.

So let’s see, 11781/238 (see 7854/33) is 495. Or half the ark of Noah 235.62/2=11781.
And 495×2=99.
But 5236/22 (letters of creation) is 238.
We know that there are 9×48 in 432.
48 x 4.5= 216
5.4 x 48=259.2
216+259.2=47.54 and 47.54+52.36=999

Now 495 x 52.36=25918.2, recall the fall of 18, the spirit into man.
But the 4995 x 52.36=2615382
2615382–259182=235.62, the ark of Noah. 

So the tree of knowledge at the centre 45 and the tree of life at its centre 54. In both we must be stable in the centre between good and evil in order to let the raven go through the one cubit opening.
Equally in the centre (vesica) mercy seat for the dove to fly out and return.

The cubit is 1 but if we multiply it by 9 we get 471.24 the solfeggio 417+471=888.
But 10 is cubit just a shift in decimal 0.5236> 5,236> 52.36
But where have you seen this 47.54?
But it misses the 10 because 4754 plus 10 = 4764.
4754+5236=999.0 10 short of 1000.0
1000–52.36=47.64%  the volume of the sphere compared to the volume of the cube.
But the one is the staff, the 0 is the path of the snake around the tree (think of the Aesculapius).

Just a few things related to the measure being reflected in the material world. You know that the earth around the equator is larger than that around the poles, this ratio is 11 to 7. This is equal to the pyramid of Giza, its height to its base length is 11 to 7. And if we take its measure and multiply it by 432.000 we get a perfect match with the earth in that ratio. What’s more, it’s the distance the earth travels in 2 seconds, so one second is 2160. Now as you may recall a pendulum of one meter swung over 30 degrees (equal to one zodiac sign of 2160 of 360 day years) describes an ark length of one cubit or 52,36cm. How does that relate to the blueprint? 5 and 6 points, hexa and penta, would make 11 points but lined up it makes 7. We also know that the great year is 6 x 432. The Rig Veda’s Brahman has 4 horns, 3 feet,  two heads and 7 hands, 432 and 7 points. The Sumerian kings list adds up to 432.000 as does of the Mayans. Our hour clock in seconds, hours and minutes. 24 hours is x 60 minutes x 60 seconds and you will see the same numbers pop up, 432 864, 360, 216 etc. The sun’s radius is 432, the moons diameter is 2160 miles. By the way as the ratio 11 to 7 places a role and is reflected in length difference of the horizontal and vertical axes of the earth so too changes the measuring in accordance with the location of its sacred constructions.

But I like to remind you that it’s not my intention to go all out in any of the fields I touch, be it physics, archaeology, astronomy, biology, astrology or any other field. There are enough specialists in these fields that, given the right construct, can work then out in detail and find its uses in harmony with the grand plan. Another reason I have elaborated on many times, the ego who has its own agenda seeking out this knowledge to empower itself. And as it has no eyes of its own, seeks it through yours by enslavement.

And one more note: the first language didn’t name things by their earthly construct but by the heavenly one upon which the earthly one is based. While humanity measures  in accordance of their earthly measure.
That is the beam in our eyes, and the reason we are looking for the treasure in material things like the ark, staff,  tablets, cup and grail and of course material wealth and power.

But I give just enough so you may recognize the design in everything and start the journey within so you too find truth within before the fire burns away all that holds on to these masks. Just enough so you may experience its beauty, the love and wisdom behind it all.

Moshiya van den Broek