Contents of the ark of covenant

The ark of covenant is described in the old testament as being 1.5 cubit by 1.5 cubit by 2.5 cubit  and therefore its total measure is 1,5 x 1,5 x 2.5 = 56.25. It contained Aaron’s staff which turned into a snake and back into a staff in front of the magi of the pharaoh and a pot of manna or food for the soul, and the two circular tablets with the laws.
The ark itself, made of acacia wood covered in gold, had two poles to carry it and had two cherubs with cupped wings and a mercy seat. And it was said that a great power emanated from it, it would kill anyone touching it that wasn’t pure but made those who carried it invincible.
Nowadays anyone who has studied ancient architectural temples knows that the “master builders”  built in accordance with the sacred measure and ratio, a physical representation of the nonphysical. Yet many still look for the true ark in its symbolic physical representation and many will refuse to see it any other way than the outer story describing an inner one, no matter what evidence is brought to light. Not even when it was said that he spoke in parables to the uninitiated. It could be seen as the consecrated wine and bread offered by the priest symbolically representing the flesh and blood, that in 2500 years is taken as the real thing. You may laugh and say that’s nonsense, and rather believe he walked on water and healed the physically blind, instead of the spiritually blind.
The world’s history is riddled with such mystical stories that confer the same sacred knowledge, king Arthur and his knights and the round table, Atlantis with its city of rings beyond the two pillars of Hercules, Adam’s rib, Aaron’s staff, the parting of the water, Noah’s ark, a vessel that broke into 288 sparks and the crown that fell from heaven. Is it any wonder that many lose faith, ridicule believers and condemn the ancients for being superstitious!?

Let’s look at it, if you’ve studied the articles it should be clear that the laws are written upon the tree of life (the two overlapping circles), the mercy seat being the vesica piscis and why saints are often depicted in it. The staff that turns into a snake, being the chakras and kundalini curled around it or through it in a line. The two pillars or poles on either side and the cherubim’s cupped wings joining the two at the vesica piscis.

Now, does it make sense in number too? The eight is of course the two overlapping circles which is also the field that emanates from the heart who’s field is known as aura and the one being in the centre as either snake or staff. So 18 again, hold that in mind for a moment. There are two cubits, one is the royal cubit 52.36 and the normal cubit of 31.25 as revealed in the Torah together with the 288. The 31.25 is related to the 32 paths much like the 2 and 5 where 10 is divided by 5 = 2 and 2 times 5 =10. So is 32 x 31.25 10.000 also.

Let’s look at the ark of covenant and its measure, 56.25 divided by 31.25 is 18 and multiplied by 32 is 18.000, the staff and the tablets. Yes, these laws are within you too, just as the 1 that is the snake curled around the tree in a specific way.

You know that there are 22 letters reflected from the tree, reflected in what? And to what? The zodiac. So let’s look at the zodiac 25920/22 = 1178.18181818……..

But as Adam fell from the heavenly garden we take him, 18, out of the zodiac so 25918.2 divided by 22 =11781. Now how many royal cubits is 11781? 11781/52.36 = 225 (225 x 360=81000), in other words you have travelled the full circle of 360 to turn 18 into 81.

And as 11781 is 225 cubits we can multiply it by 22 letters again and we get 495.0. But what does that mean? As you know the ark of Noah had an opening, now 500.0 minus 5.0 is 495.0, when we divide 495.0 by 5 we get 99 (as in 18+81) and when we multiply by two we get 990.00.

Now let’s look at before the fall and after:
25920/225=1152  and 1152 is twice 576 (the tree of knowledge)
25918.2 /225 = 11519.2 (just the 8 missing)
11781- 11519.2= 2.618 (the spiralling down from above as the zodiac is also in its turn reflected in you, the 8)

Does it all match up? 225/31,25  = 72 and 225 x 3=675/31.25=216 and 225 x 6/31.25=432.

Now what happens when the heavenly 11781 joins with the earthly 11781, the alpha & omega. But let’s also look at the ark of covenant’s measure, 1.5 is the rotation the circle has to make to make a full circle of the zodiac 1.5/31.25= 00.48 and 1.5/31.25=00.48, together the turning points 96. And 2.5/31.25 = 8. So 48 x 48 x 8=18.432. And where have you seen this number? Indeed the tree of knowledge and 32 paths or 576 x 32 = 18.432.
So the 495 and the 5 you have to climb up on to reach Da’at. Now what happened then? And how does it relate to 2 x 576? Remember?

Moshiya van den Broek