43. Irrefutable proof


Before you continue with this article please read the following articles first:

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4) Does the Bible say Pi equals 3,0?

In the year 480 king Solomon began building the house for the lord: 60 x 2,0 x 3,0 cubits = 360 or 3600
360 degrees being a circle.

The one circle in 1 kings 2;3 with a diameter from brim to brim of 10 cubits was given and also the circumference was given as 30 Cubits.

If we take two circles : 30×2(0) makes 60(0),while at the same time the circle is also 360 degrees and two circles make 720 degrees.

Now we take the two circles 2×30 or two times 300 making 60 or 600 and divide it by 72 = 8,3333333…(this is related to 216(0) 30×72 is 2160 years because 2160 years divided by 8,333333.. is 25920 years or 12 times 2160) each 72 years it moves one degree.

So back to the 8,333333 it is not 720 degrees but the two circles are joined at twice 288 degrees making 576 degrees so 8,33333… x 576 = 479,9999 or close to 480, the difference?
0000000,1 that is how narrow the path is!


And 25920 divided by 8,333333… = 311(0)4 and if you look this up the old Levi said creation must have started in the year 3114.

But we are talking a single 8 here which is 48(0), so two is 96 and yes the last temple to be build is 3 x 48(0) is 144. And having shown you that it is nearly 480 and one missing you should by now realize that it is this one that cuts through the 8 vertically as seen in the picture in the article secret of secrets.

And then there is this: the 8 is based on the twice 30 as talked about in the article ‘does the bible say PI equals 30?’ And now you know there are two circles making it 600 60 and 6 or 666.

And the great year of 25920 divided by 576=45 But divided by 54( mirror)(ark in and ark out) = 480.

Also remember here that the cycle of zodiacs does not move the full 12, as you have seen that it is two circles but not adding up to 720 but 576 degrees.

And as you know the movers 96 (yin/yang) 576-96=480.



Moshiya van den Broek