C.A.S.H. virus

There is a bigger and more dangerous virus taking control of our world, Commerce Above Self Honour. You may not realize that you sell your soul, you exchange truth for food for ego/emotions. Google, YouTube, Facebook etcetera sell your data to third parties to offer you products and services and use your emotions to do so, by means of facial expressions, text, search, travels and all other data they can get their hands on. Some may say that they know this, but your search and what is offered to you isn’t measured by truth but by related words and views to get adds that get the highest visits and give revenue to them, such as google adds or highest visits together with your personal data. And this has led to fake news and conspiracy theories and spiritual hocus pocus. They target you through your emotional state through the algorithms to give you data to ensure the advertisements to be seen.

What’s worse is that those who should protect us from this grave misuse themselves make use of it to target voters so you hear what you like to hear, or steer you towards what they want to get your vote.


While the internet itself has its advantages, it has many down sides too, there are no notes or categories fiction or nonfiction and many gather both unknowingly and so build their belief systems and after a while consider themselves experts without any experienced knowledge. It can be compared with feeling pity, empathy or compassion. Ponder on this for a moment and see if you can define the difference between the 3.

A while ago we talked about the female principle that needed to be under guidance of the male principle. The feeling/emotional or animal nature ruled by the intellect, but what is not clear to most is that the intellect is all too often under control of our animal nature and its reasoning is covering it up. When we read about a rich man for whom it’s more difficult to reach heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then most consider this richness to be of financial or material wealth, but I tell you that this gathering of data that enriches persona is equally blinding. So when it was said that he taught the poor rather than the rich he didn’t specifically mean the beggar on the street. Just remember he also said to be like children, who are so much less conditioned. Being open is a quality very few possess. Simply watch your thought arise when the other talks, already building on a reaction and so dividing your attention which means not only judging against your own ideas but also only listening half. So make it part of your practise to be still and attentive when you listen, just that alone creates a better bond and understanding, not to mention the benefit of a clearer view.

Now about truth.
As you will know by now it’s the Hebrew word Emet, tav, mem, aleph, in that order from below to above. Now many might think that turning around in Plato’s cave means they are woken up, but seeing the puppets that created the persona really means that the puppets feed you with that with which you judge, as you identify with the masks it gave you, to which you say I. It is only when this I is consumed by the fire that you rise from its ashes as reborn. There is a veil, a door through which you must pass, and on that same middle pillar lies Da’at and in this you may know both worlds.

The single form of Elohim has a value of 31 and the plural form of Elohim is 86 together 117. Now the 4 letter word YHVH has a value of 26, the root of the sum of the 26 first prime numbers is 117.

When we look at the Fibonacci numbers and reduce them to single digits we recognize a repeating sequence of 24 numbers that add up to 117. Now, the heavenly garden when Adam kadon had not yet fallen was 25920 and we also know that Adam/man is 18 and must become 81 and both 18 and 81 like in dual and whole. Now pay close attention, the story was written in the heavens and all 22 letters reflected from the tree. It is said there are 7 doubles and 12 and 3 making up 22. They can be found on the tree. But let’s see when Adam was to fall and become divided. 25920 divided by 22 equals 1178.1818181818…… and when after his fall its 25918.2 becomes whole again 259182/22 = 11781.

This is all also related to genesis 1.1 and john 1.1 and 117 is also considered centre/central of the bible. There are 1189 chapters in the bible, 594 before psalm 117 and 594 after psalm 117. 

Now 117.81 and the 18, you might recall the raven and dove in the ark (you) of Noah and let’s look what psalm 117 said: This Psalm in spite of its short length contains several of the main themes we find throughout the Holy Scriptures: the need to praise God, His mercy that is shown to man, and the truthfulness of His Word. As a matter of fact, the principles we read in Psalm 117 are so important that the Apostle Paul quoted portions of this Psalm in Romans 15:11. 1. O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.2. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.

In the centre of the ark. 117.81 x 2 = 23562 and the ark was 300 x50 x 30 is 45 cubits so 45 x 52.36 equals 23562.

Moshiya van den Broek