The temple of seven pillars

The word Notarikon derives from the Latin Notarius meaning a person who belonged to the writer’s class in the old Roman system, and who wrote by using single letters to signify words, thus  like a sort of short-hand, or system of acronyms. Notarikon is therefore a method in which the single letters of a word, become words themselves. For example the name Adam comprising the letters A-D-M and has a total value of 18.

Temurah is a method of codes, whereby letters can be interchanged. Such exchanging of letters is applied in accordance with certain rules, like the rules I spoke of previously in mathematics still unknown to the scientific community.

Chochmat ha Tzeruf (Permutation) is truly remarkable. With this method one cannot only peruse related concepts, but equally the hidden messages within these special relationships. This means the letters of a Hebrew word can be permuted in several ways, in order to form other related words. Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Pronounced with a different vowel, the name of this glyph reads Aluf (Chief), referring to a person of elevated eminence. To the question “Who is Supreme Master?” we receive the answer “Aluf is the Holy One”, literally meaning that God is, as in the “Big Chief”. The letters comprising the word Alef, Adonai, el, Elohim, eloah, adir, the mighty one etcetera also form the base of the Hebrew word “to teach”, as written in Job 33:33 “I shall teach you wisdom”. The two connotations of  Alef, i.e. “chief” and “to teach”, are closely related. God is Aluf (Chief), since He “teaches” man understanding and wisdom, the aspects of the two higher spheres on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This is the plain meaning of Jeremiah 3:4 that reads “You are the Chief (Aluf) of my youth”, that is, “you are the One Who directed and taught me from my childhood”. However, you are also warned in Proverbs 6:28 that “The complainer separates the Chief (Aluf )”, indicating that perpetual grumbling and protestation will generate contention, and that this will foster a division of the one who complains from the “Supreme Educator”. Regarding the letter Alef  being representative of the “Holy One”, it is worth noting that the spelling of several important Divine Names commence with this glyph, e.g  Adon and Adonai, el, Eloah and  Elohim, Adir  —“Mighty One”) etc., and likewise the names of a number of important “Divine Qualities” equally start with the letter Alef, Ain —“Nothing”); Or Aur  —“Light”);  Echad  —“One Ani”  —“I am” or “Self”);  Emet — “Truth”  Olam —“Eternity”); and many more. In fact, it has been shown that the letter Alef was constructed from a diagonal Vav and two Yod one above and one below.

Because you’ve seen the picture of the circular wave pattern of water, you will understand that with sound it’s the air that carries it. Without a substance there is no sound. Light itself does not move, its wave is the eather. Light is where the high and low meet, the rate of induction instead of light speed. Light is a coaxial circuit. But even sound is a similar no-thing to light just a different frequency on the scale, therefore also a wave in eather like gamma or infrared and x-rays.

Now we know Ezekiel spoke of wheels within wheels, circles with lines or spokes, but you have also been told of the one in the centre. These rings are those of Atlantis, at its heart the city of the g-ds. But let’s not dwell on this, for now let’s look at it from another way, the 1 divided by 7 as the spiral flowing from east to west, and from north to south we have 32 and 31.25.

1/7= 0,14285714…….

And 32 x 31.25 = 1,000 (much like the 2 and 5) 32 paths and the hidden one disclosed by the Thora itself. 3/4/8/3.

Now 432 was the middle line 2D. Now take the first step 30 degrees, from its centre you get what looks like a V, another step of 30 gives you a triangle. If you plot all platonic solids around the circle you will have the musical notes. And if you follow the spiral emanating from its centre you’ll find the periodic table and you’ll find them perfectly ordered in accordance with their atomic numbers.

You might recall that the inner circles turn 1.5 times and is divided in 15 parts of 24 hours. 24 hours of 60 min of 60 sec is 86400 times six steps or days is 51.84.
So time too 15 x 864=1296 x 2= 25920. Together with a compass which also has the 360 degrees and the grid of holy sites can be found on key points.
While I have touched upon this several years ago, including longitude and latitude on the ancient grid lines, then it may become clear how the meridian of Saint Sulpice and Rennes le Chateau etc. helps you plot out this grid.

Now you may understand that if I were to go into details on each of them I could spend many an article and write a book on each subject. But there are enough who would qualify to work out its details, music, math to name but a few. But without the oversight most would get lost in their field, let me quote from Eliphas Levi: The kings of science are men who know the truth and them the truth has made free, according to the specific promise given by the most mighty of all initiators. The man who is enslaved by his passions or worldly prejudices can be initiated in no wise; he must reform or he will never attain; meanwhile he cannot be an adept, for this word signifies a person who has achieved by will and by work. The man who loves his own opinions and fears to part with them, who suspects new truths, who is unprepared to doubt everything rather than admit anything on chance, should close this book: for him it is useless and dangerous. He will fail to understand it, and it will trouble him, while if he should divine the meaning, there will be a still greater source of disquietude. If you hold by anything in the world more than by reason, truth and justice; if your will be uncertain and vacillating, either in good or evil; if logic alarm you, or the naked truth make you blush; if you are hurt when accepted errors are assailed; condemn this work straight away. Do not read it; let it cease to exist for you; but at the same time do not cry it down  as dangerous. The secrets which it records will be understood by an elect few and  will be reserved by those who understand them. Show light to the birds of the night-time, and you hide their light; it is the light which blinds them and for them is darker than darkness. It follows that I shall speak clearly and make known everything, with the firm conviction that initiates alone, or those who deserve initiation, will read all and understand in part. There is a true and a false science, a Divine and an Infernal Magic – in other words, one which is delusive and tenebrous. It is our task to reveal the one and to unveil the other, To attain the SANCTUM REGNUM, in other words, the knowledge and power of the Magi, The magician avails himself of a force which he knows, the sorcerer seeks to misuse that which he does not understand. If it be possible in a scientific work to employ a term so vulgar and so discredited, then the devil gives himself to the magician and the sorcerer gives himself to the devil. The magician is the sovereign pontiff of Nature, the sorcerer is her profaner only. The sorcerer is in the same relation to the magician that a superstitious and fanatical person bears to a truly religious man. Before proceeding further, let us define Magic in a sentence. Magic is the traditional science of the secrets of Nature which has been transmitted to us from the Magi.

One has to free oneself of that which intoxicates and blinds you. As we do not give a knife to either a child or emotionally driven adult who, dazzled by its beauty, lusts for its power to feed itself at the cost of starving his fellow man.

To know thyself and discover one’s true nature through death of ego is the true key into the inner sanctum. As the true meaning is often lost, magi means wise man. Those who have a grain and consider themselves wise are charlatans. So be forewarned there are thousands of such false prophets hunting for your souls and wallets with books, high paid courses, expensive guided trips to ancient sites, sale videos or amulets, read your horoscope or read your hand or cards in exchange for cash, don’t let them be the sirens that lure you into the depth. They could learn from a devout monk who’s bowl was for food or shelter, for his need to share and all else was merely to assist and give spiritual and/or physical food or shelter to those in need.

Moshiya van den Broek