Hidden key

Many of the orthodox Jewish as well as the French and Spanish and to some extent English kabbalists believe that what they have represents a uniform coherent body of mystical teachings received from god and passed on to Adam and later to Moses from whom it was passed intact down the ages from one chosen rabbinical authority to the next, just as the Christian religion consider their translations to be unaltered and most accurate. If only simply that they label “ancient to be good” and anything today cannot compare with the wisdom of the ancients. But just like today there were those who gathered by intellect and/or emotion and considered it as god inspired. Very often you’ll find them saying it was given by god or an angel or any of the old sages to give it body. And ensuring that they can avoid any deeper question or live a non-conforming life style, I am important, I was chosen as a messenger, but don’t blame me if it isn’t clear or it’s wrong in case a prediction doesn’t come true.

Would you be giving the key to your carpenter to fly your airplane? Or to a pilot? Or let someone carry a precious treasure in a paper bag that is unable to carry its weight? Or imagine a message of peace on the brink of war being passed on by someone emotionally unstable? I do not mean that he doesn’t use them in other ways. He does, especially when it concerns learning, like karma, but they are for ”personal” messages, personal growth. No, he gave it to those who walk and have walked the path, at least know the trickster so they are not fooled . Even today I came across a kabbala site of considerable internet fame who wrote, “I was top of my class, I am highly educated and very smart so believe me when I say I understand the ancient texts”, bla bla bla.

If it is anything related to spiritual, the old is better attitude, is in stark contrast with anything material, we say that they were pretty clever bot nothing compared to now. Only because of technology science is quick to place all ancient material as myth, fables and nonsense, but in both camps they either ignore or place things under coincidence if it turns out to be very close to showing their knowledge surpassed their own.

Just like always there are those who know and those who don’t and those who pretend to know. Those who can quote every line of the bible or from what kabbalists ever wrote, and those who studied math and build theories based on the work of others  because funds are granted, like string theory and dark matter/energy or gravitons without a single piece of evidence ever found. It reminds me of a joke I once read, when man thinks it works in a particular way but it fails, then try again with a hammer or brute force instead of looking for a different way.

Returning to the subject of manifestation as a whole, there is an entire hierarchy of forces holding the basic constituents of life together: molecule to molecule in liquids and solids, atom to atom in molecules, electrons to nuclei in atoms, protons to other protons and neutrons in nuclei. The first three types of force patterns are due to electrons and protons being oppositely charged and therefore attracting one another. However, the entire process is based on a “Law of Three acting together as One” which  governs all manifestation. All life-processes are based on a principle of three qualities acting together as one. The study of the Law of Threes, or what could be termed the “Trinity”, but of course we first have to understand the “Binary”, the 1 + 1 or polarized qualities, which are only solved when they are balanced into a third quality between the two opposite poles of the binary. Here, instead of the logical 1 + 1 = 2, the binary 1 + 1 actually equals 3, and that 3 is a sacred number in many spiritual traditions. Its sign is the Triangle. Perhaps if you recall the pebble in the pond and the wave emanating from it, even in a circle, the 12 and 6 o’clock, one positive and the other negative and the centre “pebble” zero. They do not really attract to each other but both to the centre from where they came and this relates to the being in it but not off it.

So even when we are only aware of the one + and one –  there are actually 3. Time is related to the spin/spiral that separates them, but more on this another “time”. Let’s look at an atom, comprising the positive proton, negative electron and neutral neutron. Proton, Electron and Neutron function together in a single unit called the Atom. Another example is the Embryonic Disk from which our physical bodies derive. It consists of three cells called an Ectoderm, Mesoderm and Endoderm, all acting together as the basic substance of our human flesh.

Let’s look at the three selves and at the different degrees of expression in manifestation, i.e. the three aspects of the soul, or the three “Selves” of man. The grossest level of the three is the Nefesh, which we can rightly claim is the subconscious, or unconscious as modern psychology would have it. Through personal experience, many have come to know this aspect as an entirely separate consciousness or “entity” from the conscious mind. I do not agree with the term “unconscious” since the Nefesh is certainly conscious, but it is not conscious that it is conscious. The animal “knows” but does not know that it knows. The same with the “Animal Self”, Nefesh, in us. It is an “Instinctual Self” but not the “Intuitive Self”. Intuition is on a much more elevated level than instinct. The Nefesh is called the “animal, vegetable, mineral soul”. Everything, whatever and wherever in existence, whether it be a mineral, plant or animal, has a soul vital to its existence, and this is the “Instinctual Self”. The Nefesh is totally enmeshed with the physical body and is, in fact, responsible for keeping the engine of the body functioning in this world. If the “Instinctual Self” gets a phobia, which it can and frequently does, it can cause incredible harm to the physical body. It has a primitive, deductive form of reasoning, In fact, “logical” does not come into its frame of reference since it behaves instinctively through the five senses. It creates a pattern inside itself, and then behaves in accordance with that pattern. In this regard the statement “caught in a destructive rut” can be quite apt. If your Nefesh is convinced that there is no longer a reason to live, it will attempt to destroy the body, even though you, the “Reasoning Self”, might have no thoughts on suicide at all. The “Instinctual Self” will attempt to destroy you, and it will do so in a way peculiar to itself, it is the habitual that seeks only of self without reference to good or bad.

Next we have the Ru’ach and Neshamah, the Nefesh and Ru’ach reside conjointly in the physical body, each performing a unique and special task necessary for the proper functioning of life in terms of behaving and thinking as a human. However, the “mental” capabilities of the two selves are very different, since, as said, the “instinctual self” can remember and has a deductive reasoning similar to all the animals on this planet, whereas the “conscious self” cannot remember a single thought after it has been released from the attention in the “Now” and thus has to rely on the Nefesh to retrieve required memories. If you have a very good relationship with your Nefesh, your memory ability becomes truly remarkable. One can literally turn into a “walking encyclopaedia” so to speak. Those who suffer from a very bad memory also have a poor relationship with their own “Instinctual Selves”.  The Nefesh is not necessarily “out of control” in such instances, it simply means the relationship between their “Instinctual Soul” and “Awake Self” is not that good. The two major abilities of the “Conscious Self” are reasoning, which is inductive, thus giving man an advantage over animals, and will, which it can use hypnotically, and is in fact stronger than the will of the Nefesh. In this case it is definitely a question of “brain over brawn”. Certain animals, dolphins for instance, may possibly be on a similar level of individuation as humans. In fact, these very special animals seem to have highly developed reasoning skills. Generally it would seem the reasoning of most of our fellow animal creatures on this planet is deductive rather than inductive.

By now you should understand that there are basically three aspects or levels of Consciousness, to the Soul in Kabbalistic thinking, but there is more to this saga of the soul. It is claimed that each part has a body called a Tzelem, a word meaning “image” or “likeness” which is used in reference to a subtle or “shadow body”. The use of the term “shadow” in this instance refers to something which is subtle and virtually imperceptible to all but the most sensitive individuals, whereas the same word is used in another instance in reference to something “dark”, i.e. the “shadow” side of one’s nature. Each aspect of the human soul has a “shadow body”.  These get more subtle and refined as we move up the scale of the evolution of spirit. Thus the Tzelem of the Ru’ach is more refined than that of the Nefesh, ”the densest of the three”, and the shadow body of the Neshamah is much more refined than that of the Ru’ach. Since the Nefesh and the Ru’ach are closely connected with the physical body, their subtle bodies interpenetrate the physical body. In fact, the shadow body of the Nefesh is closely enmeshed with even the smallest cells of the body, whereas that of the Ru’ach is either centred in the brain, or focussed in the heart. Since the Nefesh and Ru’ach are respectively connected to Yesod (Foundation) and Tiferet (Beauty) on the Etz Chayim, “tree of life”, and these in turn are respectively associated with the Moon and the Sun, this relates with the early Greek teaching that humans have two subtle bodies called a lunar and a solar body. Looking at the three subtle bodies, now those of you who have practised noticed that the Tzelem of the Nefesh tends to literally be sticking to anything it encounters. In fact, it attaches itself to any object by linking with it through any or all of the five senses. It tends to create a kind of thread of its own substance, which remains attached to the object contacted. In other words, we become attached to millions of objects through a multitude of these sticky cords or bonds, which, though they are invisible, can be tangible. These strands can be charged with energy or vital force, to the point where they can be felt with the hands. In fact, via these invisible threads energy is transferred from one object to another. They also store vital force, and then they are strongly charged with this force. These subtle bonds can be strengthened through constant attention, will deteriorate as the object fades from the mind, and can be severed through a conscious action on the part of the person practising such a severance. There is however a very important point to realize here, which is that everything, animate and inanimate, be they crystals, plants or animals, including thoughts as well as printed words, has such a Tzelem, which stays for a long time after the physical death of the object it was originally connected to. This also applies to thoughts and feelings. These are just as actual as any physical object. In fact, thoughts create forms, and related thoughts will form into clusters of subtle bodies. Those among you who have practised will recognize the habitual puppets in the back of Plato’s cave, the brain/mind and heart etc. And in due time, freed from your enslavement, these become your sheepdogs, donkeys, pigeons and healing hands.

So the next stage is your breathing, at first during your practise and further down the line throughout the day. This will have great benefit as long as you do so with an inner smile. First of all remember all comes in 3’s, your body needs food so you eat, then nourishment takes place and you get rid of waist. But the subtle body needs food too, you breath in oxygen and breath out ….. and in between is the nourishment, much like the pebble and opposites joined in the centre, between breathing in and out. Apart from great health benefits which will not only become apparent there are other benefits that we will go into once your practice has brought a more conscious being throughout the day. Yes, this practice enables you to raise your awareness where you now are not but which is needed if one is given the ”power”. Breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth but do it with an inner smile as if smelling your favourite flowers, start with doing it during your meditation practice and any time you are aware of an emotional driven thought or feeling, it will take effort at first but will become your natural way of breathing eventually. 

    ” –  in a nutshell -”                      

Back to the number language for a moment, as said before there are 304805 letters in the Thora, but two, alpha and omega, do not belong to matter and man is 18, 3+4+8+3=18. The vessel from which he can drink is 288, 3x4x8x3=288 and the divider and equalizer 00.3125 or balancer times 32 or divided by 31,25, 32×31,25=1000, 3/4/8/3=00,3125. So the key 52,36/32=00,3125. If any of you ever wonder why I mention these numbers in between other text, even though they are indirectly related, it’s because I wish to avoid number juggles to get it all without having to go through a separate article and avoid reading pages where it’s explained that there is a way to read and a WAY to learn the language. This is equally so for the sceptic scientist and religious fanatic who judge it by a single part, to whom I say: you consider yourself good judges and are known to use statistics to measure your probabilities yet fail to read and find that what you call coincidences found within this work are more than the stars you can count while your work is founded on theory, this is based on fact. For those who are not familiar with mathematics, 10 divided by 5 is 2 and 2 times 5 is 10. Simple is it not? Well, 10 divided by 3,125=3,2 and 10 x 32=320, it is similar to the 2 and 5 but replaces the decimal point.

You may also remember that the ark of covenant was made to be 1,5×1,5×2,5=5,625 and when we divide 5,625 by 3,125 we get 18 and when we multiply is by 32 we get 180. Now 18 was man so what does it mean when he grows through the cycles? Science wonders if math is invented or discovered. The language of creation is so much more, and if they would realize they would get of their high horses and fall to their knees. Human consciousness and its ability of intelligence is an electromagnetic torus field but the seat of awareness is god given. With that I mean the observer separate of the bodily identity. True free will is not bound by the material that dictates by conditioning.

While it’s only a half truth when I say matter is but energy in spin, there is a reflective pattern within, then why do they not try the double split experiment while shooting them as close as possible to the absolute zero 273.2c?

Back to the 32 paths you have to take. As you know you are 18, so 32 x 18 is 576, the tree of knowledge of good (the pentagram pointing up) and evil (the pentagram pointing down). Its purpose? To find the treasure within, the holy grail! 576 divided by 31.25 is 18.432. Now see if you grasp its meaning! 31,25 x 18 = 56,25. Yes, if you recall the story of Noah, the ark was 45 and you travelled (18) the zodiac, 45 x 18=81, and 81 x 32=25920. But you are the chosen one 45 divided by 0,3125 = 144. There were 8 people on board or 8 personas hidden behind them 45/8=56,25, but on the zodiac it spirals down until you take control of your animal nature. Then you, it, spirals up 45+54=99 and 25920 divided by 99 equals 2.618.181818… by the golden ratio. God’s name value yhvh = 26 and you and you and you……… all measured by the cubit, and the ruler of 5 cubit  on the zodiac 25920/5=51.84. If you are somewhat familiar with alchemy you will have come across this number as well as related to the pyramid in Egypt. And his name is legion, the many persona faces of the tree of knowledge 576/51.84=1111111111……..

As you recall the zodiac diameter is divided by 9, 2592/9 = 288. And the tree of life 480/51.84 =92592.92592.92592………. If you recall, the extended pentagram was divided by the goddess of 15. The circle divided by 15 is 24 degrees/hours, but in 288 there are 12 of 24 and the diameter was 432, is 18 x 24. Yes, the arc connecting it to the 288 above, the hexagram, is 3 days of 24 hours from left to right of the vesica piscis.

432 is 3×24 above 360, the point of 72 of the pentagram sticking above the circle. now it will take some visualisation and study of the blueprint of the two trees within the zodiac. But once you do, you’ll see what it really means when we say, as above so below, and what is below will be above “eventually”. Yes, I said the tree of knowledge has its roots in the tree of life and the seed within it. 432/9=48.0 and in the tree of knowledge 576/48=12, divided on the zodiac the animals reflected in you where the one is divided.

Between 31.25 and 32.00 is 0.75. 75 x 75=5625. 576 x 0.75=432 and 480 x 75=360 and together it’s 792, “sum of earth and moon”, one of freemason’s most valued numbers, even though they have lost its true meaning and place within the whole. 288 x 75 = 216.0 but the true story is of course written in 75 x 52,36=3927. 39 books in the old and 27 in the new testament 39+27= the 66 books. Like a pendulum the point in the 3 x 24=72 degrees, 288 to 360. 25920/72=360 x 12=4320 and 25920/360=72, times 120 (max lifespan) 72×120=8640. 60 sec x 60 min x 24 hours =8640 and Plato called it a great year, and clearly 864 x 3 = 25920, just like 120 x 3 = 360. The star of David is two triangles, one pointing up one pointing down, twice 120 + 120 + 120.

If you comprehend “in a nutshell” then you got the outline of the story, your story! And the cup or holy grail, the ark of covenant, the greatest treasure that is to be found within.

In short, the holy grail 56.25 in you. 5625 x 32=18 (you) travels the tree of knowledge 18 x 32= 576 ( tree of knowledge) getting off on the middle pillar 576 x 32= 18.432. You (18) on the middle pillar to Da’at. Now how do we do that? These numbers are translated into the path described in the articles. Its purpose? To give you the strength of faith to persist in your endeavour to free yourself of the enslavement.

10-24-2020. 10 x 24 x 2020=484800 x 2=969600, 1 x 24 x 22=528-432= 96 and 96 is the joined 60 degrees of the hexagram and 36 of the pentagram in the vesica piscis from where the spiral emanates, like the jets of a black/white (w)hole.

Moshiya van den Broek