The Rosetta stone

We all are familiar with the hieroglyphs found in Egypt and the fact that without having found the Rosetta stone they would have understood little of the Egyptian pictographic language. But why would they have two ways of writing? One which is more like that of our own and one in a kind of symbolic pictures. But did the Rosetta stone really give the keys to the kingdom?
There is another, the Voynich manuscript which has been through the hands of code breakers all over the world. And not to mention the so called bible code skipping letters which at best gives you clusters of associated words.
Even the code breakers of the army and with the help of super computers they didn’t crack the code and therefore the experts say there is no code. Then there are books such as that of Nostradamus and Shakespeare and his sonnets among others that clearly show there is intentionally hidden information. Even in the bible it clearly tells us that it uses parables to keep knowledge from the uninitiated, and alchemy that talks about the change of base metal into gold, while it clearly hides in it a way to change man.

In Egypt we clearly find evidence in the location and constructions that most would like to push aside as coincidence, things such as astronomical data and mathematics, but the reason why it’s difficult to separate the weed from the chaff is that advanced knowledge must coincide with advanced technology, so lots of speculation goes on about aliens etc. Not to mention the number jugglers who all seek fame and fortune in books, films and cult followers.

With the mystery of life itself I consider science and religion under the same heading “cult followers”, while all they really have is a few grains, so well told in one of the alchemy stories where the alchemist shows the philosopher’s stone to someone who is told that he will one day return but begs the alchemist for a few grains of the stone that turns lead into gold, but due to his greed the alchemist who gave him a few grains never returns.
While I have come across a few people that started out with good intent and found a few grains in their quest for truth, their egos got the better of them again, and their honest quality that led them to the first grain also led them to believe to be master alchemists and so judges of everything.

The openness required, the insight that all is given and all one needs to do is ask and you’ll be given, was soon lost sight of, if it was already there in the first place, mainly because their insight came from within, yet now they seek it out there. With their little I as guide, its habit nature, the animal nature that entered you, the ark in pairs, male and female. But in order to comprehend you’ll need to read and practice if you wish to get rid of the blindness that keeps you from seeing.

So what about this code? And why have they been unable to crack it? Apart from the reason given above. And what are you to make of the story of Babylon and the confusion that god created after taking down the tower by which they wanted to reach the heavens. If you consider reaching the heavens as having the grains but wish to have the stone due to the wrong motivation then you may grasp the reason why he did take it down and caused the confusion. Now let’s consider the true power of “god’s” words, on a low level we have lost the power of words too, we make promises we don’t keep, we say I love you but mean what it gives us in return, we manipulate words for personal gain, spin-doctors to make it sound better than it is, we play on emotions to sale needless things to feed the animals within. Yes, the value of words has lost its power over time.

So let’s look closer at the words of old and compare it to those of today. The obvious one “love” as a giving thing instead of a taking thing. We say Luxaflex, a brand name for a thing we made, like Hoover, and we have given it the meaning of a dirt sucking machine. But be it a personal name or anything else, before the tower of Babel the individual letters had meaning and the collection of letters that created the word at the same time described it. But it goes further than that, each letter can be spelled out and does the same to its individual meaning, sounds complicated? Let’s look at letters in their number value for a moment. The animal spirit is 576 and it means “he travels from the 5 towards the 6 through or by means of the 7”. And 5+7+6=18 and that stands for the spirit, man (1) in the cycle (8). And 1+8=9, its true highest nature, as in cloud nine. Another way is of course the letters like I have mentioned in other articles where a name also describes the path he takes through life, in outline and greater detail. So when a person, “name”, enters the 8 in a specific point in relation to his “spelling/birth”, he follows a route in relation to the stars and their numbers and letters. Just to give you an idea about it. Now the old testament can be seen as setting the stage, the new testament is the path, and you wondered who 666 was. His name is legion, the beast, or animal nature 666, then add them together, 18. And as 18 needs to become 81 then divide it by 3 and you get 27, the books of the new testament. The 18 from above reflected below. Perhaps you’ll understand why it was a sacred secret and why astrology was a science only for the high priest, the wise man who doesn’t seek for personal gain. Something to be kept from the animal and the animal kept from you so he could rule, for a given time that is. So in the fall the 3 part 999 was mirrored to 666 just like 18 and 81 together in balance 18+81=99. Now 9+9+9=27 and its mirror is 72 so 72+27=99 then the third 9 soul is added. It may still sound complicated because in your experience number and letters are separate things but it’s not complicated but complex. They really are within the 66 books so at least you’re looking in the right direction while you’re on the wheel of the goddess of 15. Between the breasts of the 1 and 5 the pentagram written in number as 1665. I do not translate all numbers into the words that they form nor do I give you all its locations on the wheels so your persona doesn’t start trying to foresee its future for its own sake so it can continue keeping you as its slave, there is far more proof in the articles ever needed so you do what is needed to free yourself. 666+999=1665.

Moshiya van den Broek