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This announcement is to inform you that I’ve written an article that can only be obtained by request, the reason for this is that it contains information that should only be read by those who practice as explained in other articles. Why you might ask, because it provides another key element that needs an approach that isn’t mere intellect, nor is it intended for the number jugglers or those who seek material that they can select from to fit their theories and reject that which does not.

Over the last few years we have come across much of what was given in the articles in bits and pieces that neglect the real purpose. Among them are those who call themselves kabbalists, alchemists, scientists, specialists in metaphysics, theorists and spiritualists, each having invested heavily in their research. And they have generated a following to whom they can sale courses, videos, pendulums, t-shirts, crystals, give lectures to, lay cards for or teach how to get all you desire, wealth, happiness, yes, even enlightenment, not to mention books. Even the film industry jumped on it, a billion dollar industry, all feeding you to feed themselves, not to solve the mystery but to fuel it, because it’s the mystery that leaves room for everyone to add his own belief to it. And if you think science is the way, and you seek truth, then you’ll be disappointed too, their funding and ego are far too important to let go and be open. Billions if not trillions of tax and commercial funds so they can sale you the next best car, phone, TV, battery, pill or war machine, not to mention the effort to smash particles together to find other particles. But truth? The theory of everything? Should that not then include everything? They can’t find how the strong and weak forces link, what causes gravity. Yes, the technology that could come from such things, great, but  what about the links between everything? Biology, physics, consciousness, chemistry, where is that department that looks into joining all those fields? No matter how much knowledge you give or they gain, the real gift to the world and yourself is to know thyself which has nothing to do with, I am Dutch, French, American, Russian etcetera, nor has it anything to do with the job you do or likes and dislikes, what you have or a title before or after your name.

Many who say they seek truth are in fact seeking evidence of what they think it is and are unwilling to let go of the idea they have of it. Then there are those that have a grain of it and place so much value on it that they are unwilling to include other grains  and consider their grain the most important one. But if all is connected then, like a giant clock, even the smallest gear left out makes it stop working as a whole. Saying the moon causes the tide but neglecting the earth’s effect on the moon, the light of the sun on it, its size composition and all other. Or, like it or not, you all stem from the very first human, the blood of all races flows through your veins. Or religions, how many are there? Yet the word means to unite. They are all cultural translations of the same gods.

Nowadays the height of a civilisation is measured by its technology and far less by its humanity. We have doctors that are pill pushers in exchange for a car or holidays from a pharmaceutical industry that does not look for a cure but for ways to sale even more. Actors called politicians that are puppets on a string controlled by the big corporations. We make products with a limited lifespan to the point that we dump printers when the cartridges are finished because it’s cheaper than replacing them. Phones, TVs and washing machines, not to be fixed but replaced with ever growing waist. Spin doctors to cover up, media to play on your emotions, that if you don’t keep up with the Joneses you don’t belong to the club. Education that gears you up to be part of it. Green, bio and spirituality simply another trillion dollar industry. Your emotions are the strings with which they enslave you. Not to mention the food industry’s unwillingness to feed the hungry with the overproduction but destruct for the sake of keeping demand and price high.

Yes I know you know all this, and many talk about conspiracies and point fingers at those big corporations, but the fact of the matter is that they too are slaves of emotions. With animals these are restricted to survival, with humans? It was given a mind, the ability for emotions to reason, to differentiate and individualize. While many consider seeing it in others as a waking up, it is in fact still blindness. Until we see it in ourselves there is no hope to free ourselves from its enslavement.

If you’re ready and dare to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole really is, then apply for the article. If you rather take the blue pill that’s fine too, but remember, being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe but with your state of awareness.

To apply for the article:

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Moshiya van den Broek