42. Insight into suffering

For some of you life might seem at times to be an endless flow of suffering, so much so that at times you might doubt the goodness and mercy of g-d.

But it still does lead to an inner maturity which would otherwise take much longer to accomplish. Because this life on earth lasts only a short time it is necessary that such painful and depressing occurrences must take place frequently, often one after another so you may derive blessings from them, when you look upon your life more closely and earnestly.

For some “life” seems unbearable and sometimes you get discouraged and give up without making even an effort to change your disheartened condition, yet it would be so easy when you have the right attitude towards g-d to be shown which way you have to go.
Consider the many seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life, could you ever escape from them if you did not have help from above?

You do not always recognize this help as sent from above, yet every occurrence is a flow of grace of g-d whether good or bad, it always has the same purpose: to have an ennobling effect on you.
If you can see in every test a means of improvement then you will also recognize your own shortcomings and failures, and with this comes the will to overcome them.

Then each test has fulfilled its purpose, and then with each difficult circumstance you will recognize an opportunity to grow.

They are the steps on the ladder that leads to a higher level of maturity.
A life without those struggles would mean staying on the same track.

The battle within is a far greater and more difficult one than the enemy that comes from without.

Therefore do not be alarmed by them if they cross your path, and remember that through them you have discovered your shortcomings, and if you can hold on to this then they will disappear, for g-d only allows such testing until their purpose has been fulfilled and your heart has become better through them.

But this is not his will that made you suffer except that through them you are made worthy of everlasting joy.

Your life’s purpose is the spiritualizing of your soul, the purification from all defects which cling to it, so his light can effectively shine through it, here and when it leaves this earthly body.

This purification will not take place if your earthly existence is lived without any struggle unless a man leads an extraordinary life of love. Such a man has reached his goal when his earthly cover is dissolved.

But more often it must pass through suffering and the need for the inner battles before it has accomplished this purifying process.

But you need not to fear, you can overcome them if you draw closer in union with him. And if you do this you will be compensated a thousand fold for all you had to suffer and bear.

But you need to acknowledge him in every trail that comes on your path. If he is your first and last thought then you are strong, in whatever may happen to you, but if you separate from him by your complains, and rebellion against your lot then you will only become weaker by your need and there will be no other way to bring you back to him than to surrender to his will.

If you truly only have your highest good in mind, and nothing will be able to take you away from what is his will or is with his permission, then everything will wonderfully take care of itself that before seemed insurmountable to you.

While at the end of days there will be those who will target him and go after the things of this world, remember then that it is his will that they turn to him again, and he can use means that might even surprise you. It is his will that man enters into the hereafter in a degree of light so they may be saved from the agonies of darkness as to make their earthly walk not in vain. What serves the benefit of your soul in your earthly life has been foreseen from eternity and therefore you can consider everything as having been provided by him.

Know this in your heart and mind and nothing will bother you, or frighten you.

But the world is too important to you and you do not understand your weakness since the world surrounds you, but as soon as you value him above the world, as soon as you put him first in everything then the world will bother you no more, neither disturb you and it will not be difficult for you to overcome the world and be master over whatever it offers you.

You might remember or know through hearing of it that Jesus Christ came to the ‘weak and sick’ (in the soul) for they acknowledged their weakness and called upon him, blessed are those who admit it.

If you would hear his words in the following way, would you understand now what he is pointing at?

“Those who feel strong and healthy in themselves are in a worse condition because they can not be helped.
They feel they do not need any help, in other words think they are in control, able to direct their life, they treat lightly the power of him who would bring them out of their sickness. The adversary strengthens them in their arrogant faith and gives them power but expects service in return. He wants their souls and therefore gives their body what it wants, but I am the doctor of the sick and weak, I am the comforter of the sorrowful and the hope of the discouraged. All may come to me and will not come in vain. I offer you all my help even if you do not accept it immediately, and I understand why, and you are still not forsaken for no one calls on me in vain who calls me from the heart.”

The words of the Christ were not meant for those who were physically sick or who were physically blind, but those who were blind for the truth and realised it, therefore he asked them ‘do you believe?’ 3 times and when they said yes he said “get up and walk”, or “now you can see!”.
He will always wait for your call to reveal himself to you. But your calling needs to be freely so you acknowledge your weakness and through your cry show your faith so he can help.

The medicine he gives leads to true healing and everlasting life, but what good is it if you do not accept it, although you know about its healing power, but never put it to use. How could you benefit if you hear my words but do not live according to it, so the power of it can not become effective in you.
And to those who asked for proof, the sceptic, He said:
“You do not put its effectiveness to the test, you consult with me, your souls doctor, but do not follow my advice, what would happen if you do not take the medication prescribed by your local doctor when you are bitten by a snake? Not taking what I have prescribed will make you remain in this unfortunate condition, the needs of your soul therefore undiminished, and so continue to suffer since you yourself have withheld this help. And the need of your soul has its effect on your physical needs, because I want to stimulate you to take notice as to whether your life style is the right one and to see that your soul is in danger, and must be careful not to lose its life.
“I can only offer you what will help your soul, but if you do not accept these methods then your soul will remain in sickness and will not be able to enjoy the spiritual life. It will also not benefit you much if you listen to my words but make no effort to live according to it. “

I warn you not to treat your soul carelessly but to give it nourishment without delay and help it become healthy.



Moshiya van den Broek