The field of consciousness

Both in the double slit experiment and the idea of morphic fields of Rupert Sheldrake or professor Fritz Albert Popp of the institute of biophysics they have come to the conclusion that we somehow influence the experiment by observing it. F. A. Popp goes as far as to say we are light beings, as the experiments show that plants admit light photons that it has stored from the outside etc. A photon is a pocket of electromagnetic energy. In each cell of  for instance our body there are 100.000 chemical reactions taking place per second, yet no one is able to explain who/what instigates these actions in the right moments. It is the photon that is responsible for this, because a chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule that is reacting is excited by a photon, therefore this pocket of energy carries within it a kind of instructor principle that switches on these chemical reactions in the right place and time. These photon packages have a high grade of coherence, ability to transfer very specific data, and the lower the noise the better the transmission is. Now doesn’t that ring a bell!? In your  inner stillness the truth reaches deeper, and perhaps even itself within you. The tree is already in the seed, the message it transmits is always in relation to all its other parts.
We are having our being in an ocean of light.

I’ve explained that the first cause and source of the soul, is that spark of the field of consciousness, the I am that I am. I’ve also explained that the soul is 3fold, one related to the body, one to the mental and one spiritual. So when explained in the part of seeing the tunnel of light with near death experiences the separations take place where first the body is left behind, the mental body higher in frequency is still being lifted in the wake of the retracting soul as it is lighter than that of the bodily attachment. It too can only follow it so far until its weight too is too heavy to be carried up so to speak.
These self-reflecting pockets of light share their data/weight with their surrounding like a chord struck by a pianist or through the hands that play the violin and its bow.
It is for this reason that feeling is first, mind second and spirit last, and vice versa. Now here is where it goes wrong, wishful thinking! What it really means is that your heart is not into it, and this in turn means the body hasn’t got it and the mind is trying to make it up.
This, without knowing the true nature of consciousness and the 3fold path, was why the hype of the Secret series ended up in disillusion for most and why just about all those popular internet and tv gurus forget, do not know the nature of the soul either. Oh, but they said you need to act as if you already got it, that’s where the trick is, well it isn’t! As it’s still a mind trick! And still has its heart filled with the emotional weight. Oh, but they speak of love and compassion too, yes they do, but are those words not translations from the puppets on the stage of Plato’s cave? Where else does the question/desire come from in the first place that led you to these one eyed kings in a blind world? Because one eye is unable to see for them too, the nature of spirit.

So we have the one light, unmoved all-pervading uni-verse, the I am that I am, and the light created from it. The factor time due to its limitation of not passing through its barrier other than leaving behind all of matter. Both in higher or lower states as explained before. Even the stars communicate with us and we with all else. So in that way we were made in the image of god too, but we are not conscious of it because in that way we are little pockets too. Pockets of a limited awareness of an illusionary self. So consciousness is a kind of self-knowing by reflection of itself. This nature of seeking is a polarised thing, the charge of electromagnetic patterns. But as I have previously explained the world of matter is tied in by this field, the tree of knowledge, of opposites positive/negative. Only at the heart of that field there is no magnetism, no time, no movement but all at once, in one.

Now I do realise that some fear this, but that is due to their attachments with the limitations that come from this disconnectedness, but this blissful state is all awareness, all conscious, all loving and all wise. Where else does that insight come from other than the revealing light that burns in all of you!? And this being in it but not of it, was when the gods walked the earth.
It is only through this awareness within oneself and letting go of this attachment, this stopping of identifying with the puppet’s emotions and its tied up intellect that our eyes can start to receive. In the many stories the holy grail, the cup that collected its holy spirit (blood) is the vessel that broke into 288 sparks, gathered as one, it is then re-filled from the eternal cup from above. Think  of this cup as the mirascope of a previous article. When you have gathered all the sparks of insight, that this little I as the vessel is not the holy spark itself, it was his own weight that broke it apart.

And the word was made flesh!

Now I’ve shown you its 3 levels, the principles of its reflections and its active sides, that the math, the language, and the material expressions all flow from the one and eventually flow back to him. This time a coming home but knowing it for the first time, a heaven on earth.

So for those who question if those religious stories are real, it’s a perfect depiction of that reality. Let’s go to the structure and numbers again, so they might now lead you to see them in a different light again. As I’ve mentioned before the height of the garden is 432. The two overlapping circles have a diameter of 432/3×2=288.
They create the vesica piscis, this is the tree of life, but 432/9×5=240, this fits the two pentagrams one point up the other down. This is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The circumference of the figure 8 is 576 (placed in the 432 height.) The tree of life has the circumference of its figure 8 of 480. This configuration is made of the hexagram and joined pentagram in accordance with Eliphas Levi. By the goddess of 15. Now the 576/2.61803399…..= 22, letters. I’ve also shown you that the height of the garden is the diameter of 25920 the zodiac or mazzaroth. For the inner circle to make a full turn within the large one is 1.5 as is the other 1.5.

A hint to the two circular tablets…… the vessel that broke into 288 sparks/degrees is like a cup with another cup upside down. What you’d see if you draw it out is that the 576 has its roots in the 480.
Now the vesica is 120 wide and the smaller vesica is 72. 48 smaller. And 432/9=48.

But going back to the pentagram joined to the hexagram. One made through the 15 pieces of 24 degrees so that the point (still 36 degrees) cuts through the lower circle into the hexagram, Daath, the 33rd.
So first through the 24 x 52,36 cubits onto the 32rd path but this path has led one through the whole story of 39 and 27 books, 39 in the old and 27 in the new testament. 39.27 in other words 24×52,36=125664 and 39.27 x 32=125664 also.
Together 2513.28 which is of course 480 x 52,36 or 251328/3,1416=8.000 (its value & its shape).

So where are the spirals coming from? Where the two circles meet, where the 60 of the hexagram and 36 of the pentagram join to make 96. Because 251328/2.618=96. Another point is that the star of Bethlehem, the star of David with its double tail of the pentagram, the 5 & 6 (its value, shape and movement ) do not make 11 but 7 points on the outer rim of the circles, like the 7 days.

On the tree of knowledge it’s different, so we know 300x50x30=45.0000 or 25920/45 is 576. But if it doesn’t get off and the 18 doesn’t leave but remains then 45 x 52,36 is 235.62 (the arc with the 8 crew and the 1) 235.62 x 11=2591.82 ( 25920-18=2591.82)
Which is of course divided by 66 books through which they go. 2591.82/66=39.27.

So who walked throughout all the books? Who was and is the alpha and omega? The 33rd? Who is central in this cycle? 2591.82/2 or 39.27 x 33. But perhaps you will see when I show you that 2591.82/33 =7854 and that circle is 7854/3,1416=25.00.

Now you have 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 = 5.625 (the 18.0). Yes, 31.25 another sacred key, like the times 5 and divided by 2, the measure given to the ark of covenant.

So it is with 32 and 31,25, as the 33 has done both trees. 576+480=1056 or 33/31.25=10.56.

There are so many who say they await his arrival but first there and there and there and…….. the truth is he never left, he wore so many different clothes, walked so many roads, but it reminds me of the road to Damascus, who would recognize him?
Where were the wise that knew his birth? Who placed the letters in the right place and spelled out his name?
Whose name is from the centre between two streams? Aleph (spirit) and Dam (blood) through the joining of male and female a trinity in one. Who named the animals by their nature so he could rule over them? The feeling body under rulership of the male intellect so often misunderstood while the female has a relative aware relationship with the feeling body and an often lesser one with the intellect, the male is not often aware, or suppresses this feeling body not realizing it’s still under its influence, the puppets in Plato’s cave. Its nature made for this world, it seeks only of self, it drains the life force, it’s good in that its habitual nature can make you flee when it’s needed because if you had to consider and think then you’d already be lunch for the lion before you made the first step. It’s useful in many of the jobs we need to do, we don’t have to think or seek balance once we have learned to walk, but it doesn’t know good from bad, it just seeks of itself, driven by it, for it’s the only way it is alive. But when we look we can’t see beyond, because our attachment, our identification with the I think and I feel, our personality, from the Latin word persona meaning masks, coloured the way we look. That’s why we don’t see our enslavement from which we need to escape. So when do we become that flame, that spark? Our true nature!

But then to them he spoke in parables, to the others he told them to pick up their bed and walk after he opened their eyes.

It’s not through numbers that one finds it. Just as with seekers, you can’t find it without seeking, but through seeking you will not find it. Numbers or knowing the tree of knowledge is a bit like a gift that can strengthen you in willpower, but free will is another thing for that you have to lose everything, where you lose a life and are born anew. We measure with this conditioned mind, that thinks it knows, that collects to its liking and rejects that which does not fit it. It has built a little empire to convince you to believe its points of view. Even when we are asked to listen, half is lost because we were busy with our defence, so at most we only gave 50% of attention. Those animal natures, separated from the whole, building it’s little empire, greed, ego, selfishness, jealousy, fear, desire, pride, envy, driving up lust or any other that temporarily makes you feel good, and yes it will eat/feed itself that way, but the higher it can drive you, the further you can fall, and there he will feast on the offering.

The light that is whole is one, it is the I am that I am, it was its reflection that divided in the seven rays, each point in that whole is the whole. And such spark is called the soul, but by its spin encapsulated into a separation-al thing. And like a mirascope through reflection gets out again. Raise your frequency and at the highest speed the weight must fall off, often called outer body experience, or in the lowest speed where it’s called death. Both states are close to that one unmovable light that is all.
To know thyself is the best readiness to serve him well. When it withdraws the body first then the feeling and mental are left behind, seeing the tunnel is the soul returning to its wholeness again, and upon its return it picks up the conditioning it needs to overcome. All in accordance with as it is written above. It was said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to reach the heaven, but isn’t it so that wealth was placed on paper, coins and material things? But isn’t that the same thing collected by the puppets in Plato’s cave? Thinking to know a thing or two and placing so much value on it that the truth isn’t seen even if it stares you in the face.

The aleph is made up of two 5’s of balance, 3168 is the value of the lord Jesus Christ in Greek, the judge, 3168/576=55.
But 3168 x 31,25=99 and 3168/48=66 gone all the way from a to z from alpha to omega, but the turning point in the vesica piscis is 3168/96=33.
And without an iota out of place 25920/3168=818181818… x 54 = 441.8181818.
Just as Noah’s 45 was entering the vessel 25920 on the journey, 45 is 576 and leaving it 25920/54=480.

One language from above, from right to left, the other from left to right, mirrored, just as all was already given, but pride took it as if we created it. Even the count of years and dates in this age were part of the structure of duality. Whole debates on who decided which books to include and which to leave out as if he had no hand in it. Yes, he promised free will, but he also said he’d meet you half way. Now that the day draws close, where are the 144 that see the 441 and keep the 8 between the 55? 144 + 441=585. 441 is the value of wisdom.

Still don’t recognize the story in number and number in the story?
It’s been spelled out for you.
it’s time.

I’ve written parts twice in this article. Its purpose? That it may  find you in stillness and in awe of its beauty, a recognition of true self soul.


Moshiya van den Broek