The spark

The space science talks about, formerly known as the aether, is the field of consciousness, timeless all, each point is equal to the whole and is the whole, always is, was and will be. We could compare it to the field of potential where each point has the whole within it and has its being in it. Science also tells us that particles flash in and out of existence, and the idea of antimatter came into being where, if the two particles meet, they cancel each other out. Now they also talk about it as having a positive particle and a negative particle, one turning right and the other left, or opposite directions. Now think of the two circles within the zodiac where they too follow that rule. In fact the spark point has within it the blueprint. This coming into existence still happens on a 2D plane, that’s where the entanglement is in effect. Secondly this spark separated is the soul within you, isolated from its whole, the spin caused by the electromagnetic field kind of traps it like in the mirascope idea. This field of positive and negative wish to flow back to its source. The centre of a magnet has no magnetism but because this space/aether is the one light that is all, and in which all has its being, then the light we know is its reflection, broken off from this one it causes a field of energy, the drive to return to its source. But as this field is now 3D spherical then each point on it has its opposite that needs to be overcome before the spark is back outside of the mirascope. Light therefore is time related because the one light has no speed, it is all at once, out of time. Light as in the 7 rays is limited, is curved. This light has a very high and very low frequency range, carriers of data. When the soul is reflected in the body it is but a reflection of consciousness of all into 1 divided by 7. The puppets that do not even see the world outside other than as translated frequencies into electrical and vibrational signals. As they are not whole they lay the foundations of emotions, limited points of view. For the body a survival tool, if you are in danger it can act for you far faster than you could overthink and act (the lion would already be having its lunch). But this function and its consciousness needs energy too, but only energy that is equal to that of itself to remain and grow. Now the vibrational side has this link with the frequency and the electrical side, including the brain and all it has stored which also works that way. In most cases it’s the feeling body that is the ruler, the intellect which has been able to name the emotional animals to their nature comes to know the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and so you are able to free yourself of your enslavement and of your attachments that blinded you from connecting directly to the source of all.

You might hear that you have to raise your frequency. Now we know that this one light is not traveling but all in one, then the light you know is limited to a speed that is aligned to time. Any faster and you would be one again, but on the other side of the spectrum too close to no speed and beyond (no frequency) causes the same thing, most consider this as death. But in death too the soul is released from its embodiment. The higher frequency some may call outer body experience.
When still identified with the translator of the translators of reality, in death you lose the energy and true self and remain stuck in this mind feeling world heaven/hell. In outer body experiences too when experienced through the emotional and mental personas, you merely exchange one illusion for another. So no matter how much you read, no matter how clever or smart, without the work to free oneself of this enslavement you won’t be ready for the shift in consciousness.
I say this due to the previous article, and the many who would like it to be a red or blue pill and use the magic to obtain the happiness (that is still an ego image of it that led you to this wanting need in the first place). To let go, to die before death, is to live life in truth.

So why did I bring it up in the previous article, apart from this warning? To show that your eyes are not fully open yet. You, at least some of you, have delved into the math and geometry and are now confronted with letters that are names and qualities and forces. But you did not realize you already have located many of them and its moments too but called them numbers.

I also told you that you can recognize the story line in the patterns and the patterns in the story line, like in the passages of exodus 14:19-21 the 216 consecutive letters reveal the hidden 72 names of g-d.

We go from the pentagram into and through the opening in the vesica piscis by 24 degrees. Or 24 cubits 24 x 52,36= 125664. Then you land in the 32th path and understood the 3927. 32 x 39.27=125664  so both overcome 125664 + 125664= 251328 divide by 52,36 is 480.0 the tree of life. 251328 divide by 2.618 = 96.000 as can be found of the joined hexagram and pentagram points and stands for change, 251328 divided by 3,1416=8.000 its shape. The 66 you had, but 251328 divided by 4.1888= 600.00  251328 x 31.25=78.54, one point five cubit, the length the sphere has to turn to make a full circle in the big one.

When you look closely at the flower of life then as they are circling around in a six petals manner on the star of David  with their eye in the petal, and these two circles are the 576 configuration, from where it spirals out (as seen with the solfeggio sequence, prime numbers etc.) on the tree of knowledge, we find the 22 letters on it in accordance with the golden ratio.

576 divided by 2.618 ….= 22.00……..15278838 the 22 Hebrew letters.

Daath the flame, the spark that can’t be reached, ego is the weight that limits the light.

Moshiya van den Broek