To consider

Science tells us there is no such thing as aether, yet they say the vacuum has fluctuations and electrons and anti-electrons flashing in and out of existence being influenced by the quantum electromagnetic field. So what they are really saying is we are giving it a different name. And if you go back to this first cause, the point from where the two come into being (unlike the way we draw a line from a to b, the source flows in both directions at once), this flashing in and out is when an anti-electron meets an electron they cancel each other out accompanied with a burst of energy. But something must have caused electrons to remain and anti-electrons to disappear to have matter in the universe. Perhaps you recall the fact that the spark got encapsulated, locked in duality for a given time. Now the configuration is locked into the other sparks and so determines its path and expression, hence the periodic table and wide range of expressions of life on several levels.

Now as this whole of vacuum/aether is consciousness and as a whole outside time then all locked in and therefore out of the whole consciousness also means we have our life in it and it in us, our awareness limited yet the aether as a whole is not limited and remains one and the locked within divided. So the so called speed of light is a both slowing and speeding up (the fragmented light) compared to the one light that is whole unmoved ocean in which all has its being. Now you can lay this over the stories and see the base principles, the spark/soul, its journey, duality/emotions, intellect, enslavement and so forth. The story, its greater details, purpose, growth etcetera I have explained, on the 3 base levels, in letters as representation of forces, numbers, as its path, measure, order and geometry, and as spoken as in “and he said let there be”.
It is from the latter that such things as spells came about, the power of the word.

This leads us to the blueprint of creation, in fact all this is the expression of the first day on day 7.
This blueprint also consists of letters/numbers on the wheels in two directions in pairs of 2. 462 in total 22 x 21 when we eliminate the mirror images AG GA we get 231 gates. And the one aleph is with all of them. They are then permuted with the 4 letter name of G-D. For many of you this will sound like abracadabra and you’d be right, it’s the magic of the magi. The 3.7 & 12 make up the 22.

The domain of archangel RaZiel. I will not give their locations as it must be kept from ego, yet you have already been given more than you need to reach in order to free yourself. I have shown you the path but you have to walk it, I’ve shown you the door, but you have to open it and enter that sacred place. I have given you more than any present cabalist could give you, oh yes they are well read, but reading the owner’s manual doesn’t make you a qualified driver, on top of that through the practice of driving the manual reveals even more.

BUT LET ME WARN YOU HERE AGAIN: before you embark on this journey, be prepared, purity of intent, meaning take it very serious when you study, it requires a higher state of awareness to be able to receive a greater perception and comprehension of the splendour of harmony of the heavens and equally of one’s relationship with the whole. To be a Tzadik (a righteous person), a living channel, is through the ability to recognize the completeness of the eternal living spirit all around us and throughout existence. To cultivate such recognition one should start with the deliberate act of finding beauty in everything with an ever growing love and compassion. There is a very valid reason why I have kept from you the power of words, its creative force, and only lightly touched on the great depth of the language, but I will give you the 231.

But without the structure and understanding of the language and its levels which only comes through the clearing of that which blinds you. Let me give an example of the language within the language. Now the torah does not start with aleph but with Beth, why is that? Aleph pronounced with a different vowel reads aluf which stands for chief, so who is this high supreme master? The holy one. To spell out the word alef also means to teach. There is more to aleph, it is made up of a vav and two yods, one above and another below, and when you add up their number value we get 26 which is equal to that of the ineffable name, yhvh. When we look at the word Adam and read in the Talmud that there were 3 partners in the conception of man, the father, mother and spirit the holy one who gave soul (neshamah) so alef-dam, the one that gives the divine spark the highest aspect of the soul, and the next two Hebrew letters dam/blood. Blood being the material aspect given to us through our parents. The value of dam is 44. Due to the fall the soul got encapsulated as we talked about in other articles, and therefore mortality remains. Now we could go on with the human being which translates to speech and deliberate action dibur & ma’aseh, and the fact that aleph is first and rules the blood.

Some of you are likely thinking how would I ever be able to fully comprehend all this? I already have difficulty grasping all prior knowledge. And you’d be right, because you are trying to fit it into ego’s filing system, did I not say that also that seeing isn’t thinking? As it can only translate by the known, and the reason I have explained the 3 ways of reading before and the practice, which eventually leads to knowing, which you are not but identified with. If we consider that in most religions they speak of 3 days such as in the case of the resurrections and that the 5 pointed star is in the 5 & 6 created by the goddess of 15, 360/15=24 and the vesica piscis contains 3 parts 3 x 24=72, then the reference to the 72 holy names and the passage reaching the star of David might make a bit more sense.
It will also remind you that 3 and 24(2+4=6) and 72(7+2=9) 369. And 3+6+9=18 and 1+8=9. Now you see this principle in the letters too.

I am not asking you to learn Hebrew or Greek nor is it required to free yourself from the enslavement that blinds you, but what is required is to know thyself, not to be the imitator of the puppets. Not to be ruled by them but rule over them.

Moshiya van den Broek